Poem – “For every Lie…” – Romance – 12/22/2019

For every punishment,
For every sin,
For every kiss,
For every period of denial,

We are the thorns without the rose,
Just merely the pain, without the bliss.

And without faith,
We weren’t there with sincerity to each kiss.

I am breath,
I am bone,
I am death,
And I am stone.
The rocks upon your shoreline,
And the thumbscrews on your outline,
You are pinned,
And I am loose.
I meant not for me to be free,
And yet, I am here to grieve.

Incarnate me in your mind,
Where I may,
Just may,
One day,
Arouse myself in your kind,
Though not in the love, where we’ve been so blind.

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