Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Payday of Guilt, brought upon Man’s Shoulders” – Philosophy on Psychology – 10/9/2019

October 9, 2019

“Guilt is the payday of that currency towards what we all comprehend of a man: his doings, which he knows without ever being reminded, must be covered. Love is the left hand of a man, while within his right hand is the scepter of Godhood that he claims will run his past amok. His past, that clings upon him, which is why a man is attracted to a woman with her own history. There is flesh for a man to uncover from a woman. There is truth, of that flesh, that reminds a man that instead of covering his past, forgiveness from a woman will soothe his torment; that is, he will no longer need to shroud himself in darkness, blinded by his doings, but be in the embrace of her, so that whispered words will comfort him, as though he were an infant, once again.

All guilt from a man harbors upon the covering of his truth. Though, when he extends his vision with the eyes of love upon a woman’s form, he comprehends what he cannot conceal: the flesh that would not be buried, unless it is dead. Therefore, he comes the protector, instead using his own form to guard, conceal, and shroud her, which forms the protection of truth, rather than the clothing.”


Words of Wisdom – “The Consumer of Respect in a Modern World” – Philosophy on Life – 9/27/2019

September 27, 2019

“In the placement of respect in a modern world as the new necessity for humans to thrive, becomes a time when humans will soon believe that they should consume these ‘gifts of charity’ as often as possible. The ‘gifts of charity’, being the monetary value placed upon the human, or the coin. The ‘gifts of charity’, being limited as life is limited. Why does a modern world associate ‘charity’ with currency, as if it has something to do with the infinity of love or compassion? This makes each human the consumer. The ‘consumer’ is someone who bloats themselves on their feeding off respect, or the ‘gifts of charity’ granted through labor. This makes each human the monster, and as the monster, they are ravenous in their appetite. Thus, we have a world where ‘charity’ is seen through the eyes of lust.”

A Critique on the Content of Fair Share – “Anxiety as the Universal Trait of Territory”

May 8, 2019

Q: As for what is anxiety; can you point it out?

A: It links itself to the nervous system.

Q: As for what is discrimination; can you you point it out?

A: It links itself to the nervous system.

Q: Both anxiety and discrimination link themselves to the nervous system. Can you explain in detail?

A: The nervous system is the pain in which a body feels, and there comes the emotions and mental breakdowns based on the level of pain. Anxiety is universal, because all human beings possess a nervous system. All human beings possess a heart, as is obvious, and nothing worth pointing out. Discrimination is faceted by anxiety, due to such crimes of “hatred” actually being crimes of fear. Each human being desires change, but not every human being is willing to extend beyond patience to achieve that change. Radicalism is the essence of impatience, and impatience is what causes the greatest of devastation.

Q: And on the subject of territory, it is said by you that the “fight for equality” is what links itself to anxiety?

A: Anxiety and equality, in the fight for the latter, always feeds into the former. We live in a fearful society because of our fight for equality. Equality is the essence of fair share. Equal opportunity; equal rights; though what human being has ever been satisfied with such equal numbers? No deal in competition has ever been stable enough so that one does not rise above the other. If all were at the same height, no one would see the horizon. No one would see ambition. No one would see the future. This is never the case.

Words of Wisdom for the Day – 5/7/2019 – “Reason and Enlightenment”

May 7, 2019

“The difference between reason and enlightenment is that reason is a talent, while enlightenment is a gift. The former is a selfish endeavor, while the latter is selfless. The ‘Age of Reason’ being what has brought ahead the ‘age of entrepreneurship’ has merely torn apart all that has been universal and turned it into marketing elements. When people speak of division, they speak of what they dabble in, on the daily. There is nothing wrong with the individual, though there is something wrong with the individual believing themselves to become a god, in an ‘age of strife’.”