Dialogue – “The Evidence of God” – 6/15/2019

Q: You say that to seek the "evidence of God", one must look no further than upon themselves and their yearnings? A: What have we of the "Second Coming"? It can only mean that such an event is similar to any other event in one's life, that involves the "return of love". As well, the… Continue reading Dialogue – “The Evidence of God” – 6/15/2019

Essay #1 – “Of Addiction” – 6/14/2019

Addiction forms a barricade before burden. And the addiction only forms itself as an addiction, when the persistence to face the responsibility of one's faults, is kept. That "barricade" will form, through the addiction, though when the effects of the addiction wear off, then the pain rushes into the mind, so that the heart becomes… Continue reading Essay #1 – “Of Addiction” – 6/14/2019

Dialogue #1 – “On the Subject of God’s Reality” – “Of Flesh Raised or Flesh Buried”

Q: What you propose in your scenario is that flesh has a Necromantic emotive to it. Do you wish to elaborate? A: Necromancy is the emotion, or emotive, that arises from an inability to forget those who have died. This is to say that we should forget their physical form. What manifests the physical form… Continue reading Dialogue #1 – “On the Subject of God’s Reality” – “Of Flesh Raised or Flesh Buried”