Poem – “Last of your Kind” – Grief Poetry – 8/7/2022

I cannot care enoughto live, if I cannotremember enoughto love. All those linesdrawn for winter's arrivalof gray. Though, you keepblooming, while heartsare buried deep. With this sadness,comes madness, out ofsome former symptomof gladness. All those tearsthat fell, together.All those downpoursthat kept our hopesonly floating. What travels, if notmeaning to stop? What stops,if not meaning to… Continue reading Poem – “Last of your Kind” – Grief Poetry – 8/7/2022

Poem – “Following Lane” – Love Poetry – 8/7/2022

Stirring glance,a summer's dancewhere blushing storiesare told, underforgotten worries. I will renouncea scene for remorse.I will resoundthose etched, scrawled vows,renewing what cannotleave, from where itever stopped. Caught tears,in a puddle for collection.Cards laid downto gamble, one final time,on a heart thatforever chimes. Wiped smearson cheeks meant to glow. I come to hearyour grief, where it… Continue reading Poem – “Following Lane” – Love Poetry – 8/7/2022

Poem – “Are we Smoke?” – Grief Poetry – 8/7/2022

In each other's eyes,for each other's cries,within each other's sighsdisappearing intoafternoon storms.Drifting above,falling below.Winter has ever beenthat glacier moving slow. An inborn slipto one lying tongue,as I had to consolethat one who took a tollto breathe, before she soldher heart, froma hundred folds, in onebook of promises. One hundred pauses,one more break to seewhat refuses… Continue reading Poem – “Are we Smoke?” – Grief Poetry – 8/7/2022

“Departure of Birds” – 10-stanza Free Verse Poem – 8.6.2022

If heavens held,in supported wings,for passion's melt.If eyes were skyward,words were forward,sentences were clearwithout storms. I had taken to you,before rocks had fallen.Ice, with heartsthat sunk with ships.A love, gone overboard,burying our skies,thumping to a faint rhythm,thundering with a distant soundwhere our storm moves onwith its gathered gray. Speaking in a sequence,trembling before those coldwindows,… Continue reading “Departure of Birds” – 10-stanza Free Verse Poem – 8.6.2022

Poem – “If you can come Around” – Love Poetry – 8/4/2022

There might be violetsto see from storms.There might be wordsbefore those swords,ever were held againstyour fragile neck. Because you wantto disbelieve in those signs,that we conceived.Because of that, you moved,without ever rememberingour state, our bliss. A dream, this terriblegave you tremors from adifferent source. A nightmare, this sweetgave you hope to seebeyond where stains seeped.… Continue reading Poem – “If you can come Around” – Love Poetry – 8/4/2022

Poem – “If Time could Leave” – Love Poetry – 8/3/2022

Answers. Reconnectour surrender. If we keepsummer, drawn over,as blank pages, we have drownedin our thunder. We have left, our eyesstinging for each other's stare.Our passion rises,our currents swell.Oceans have moved on,when fires have died. We had left, our tonguesat that frozen word,exploring doubt, in a subtleshout. One crude sign, upona least driven road.A single point… Continue reading Poem – “If Time could Leave” – Love Poetry – 8/3/2022

Poem – “Covered in Rust” – Loneliness Poetry – 8/3/2022

Departure. At a drift.Regression, before a kissmight have receded these waveswhile I walk on for cliffsto send beneath, this fall. Mute this note. Force onemouth to close. I have beentoo close, for words to connect. Loss of grace. A lack of waterin its space. Leaving marks, trailsfor your ghost to follow. Dry lips. Emptied arms.Folded… Continue reading Poem – “Covered in Rust” – Loneliness Poetry – 8/3/2022

Poem – “Messages that Drown” – Love Poetry – 8/2/2022

Till we canstand, before wedrown on two legs.I presented youa distant paradise,condemned at a strugglefrom newfound parasites. You extinguished, beforefire could lash your tongue.Messages have sparked.Words did go outa door I never saw. Before passion might havestung you into silence,water brought us down,lowest to drown. When we can stand,love will borrow its thirddegree, from someplacewe… Continue reading Poem – “Messages that Drown” – Love Poetry – 8/2/2022

Poem – “Where Seeds never Grow” – Loneliness Poetry – 8/1/2022

I have been inthese wet grounds, huggingbandages of soil. I keep thesefingers pressed againsta lid, still too far awayto see another day. Buried in thoughtsthat eclipse a former timewhen pain brought life,while heartbeats now bringsickness with strife. A rose, I grewout of brambles.Thorns pieced love'severy vein, to leave paintingsas bloodstains, wheremight have beensolid footsteps. I… Continue reading Poem – “Where Seeds never Grow” – Loneliness Poetry – 8/1/2022

Poem – “Under our Weather” – Grief Poetry – 7/31/2022

Trade-off. Pay whatkeeps our hearts empty.Loss, with trivial costs,light in a fervent blightwhile we rediscover secretsengrained in lone memory. All those moments, half-drowned under wholemoons. We prayed, down underfilthy weather, engenderedin surrender. One moremoment to reconsiderthose sunrises. Were theyour answer, or our cancer? Those thousand embers,these hundred glimpseswe felt our arms, this tenderin one memory.… Continue reading Poem – “Under our Weather” – Grief Poetry – 7/31/2022

Poem – “If Oceans keep moving” – Love Poetry – 7/30/2022

A sheltered sound. An ocean'sground, where sadness floods around.Life disconnects. Love resurrectssimple shapes from broken hearts,to be held inside serenity. A shell. Far from an engulfing Hell,towards that edge, that gulf, to tellour eyes in calming oceanswe can repeat that familiar motion. I find that nothing else can takewhat little there exists to break.Your feet,… Continue reading Poem – “If Oceans keep moving” – Love Poetry – 7/30/2022

Poem – “As we were” – Love Poetry – 7/30/2022

For more than a minute,I will cart forth this worth.For what I will lose,I will lose more, if I cankeep her heart moving. If meaning to turn to dust,I will disallow her valueto become something discarded,in its rust. She will fend for life,in her sickness. As a witness, I canhold her where she stands. A… Continue reading Poem – “As we were” – Love Poetry – 7/30/2022