Poem – “Father’s Woe” – Fathers – 11/20/2020

Speaks more upon the sunken lips,
Than the grave to welcome him
Under the iron that has stilled
Like the halting train.
For I feel no pulse
To take him on
Past the feathers in his eyes,
Past the weather on his cheeks.
For all peace,
With every morsel of his age
Has lasted him
Until breathing moments
Come undone.

With canoes to ripple us past
Certain moments of history,
Leak me, the pleasantry
Of a thousand more nuances
I could now favor.

With eyes cast for oceans
Of tidal waves to emotion,
I stand here,
Counting the cracks in his palms,
Forcing the storms away
From his side.

A bleeding man
Whose comfort now resides
In the wilted universe,
Of a death, where no sighs
Come unheard.

Poem – “Among all She means” – Romance – 11/20/2020

Among where buried leaves
Leave patterned trails,
Among where colors are kept
In scattered storms,
There is a kiss to which I know you,
As there is a life for which I found you
To be locked in my swollen heart
Finding solace,
Discovering hope.

Among where stillness is rottenness
Leaving broken fragments,
Among where colors are the endearment
Of a thousand raging hours,
There is a bliss to which I feel you,
As there is no strife for which I need you
When freed from the chains of time
Finding awareness,
Discovering presence.

I can love
Until all the lakes upon Earth
Are swallowed up
By the soil,
Until the heaps of gardens
Grow the greatest of stagnation,
When hearts no longer beat
With the flutter of four winds,
When minds no longer scuttle
With steps that take one backwards.

We are the summer
Without the storm,
As we are the winter
Without being torn.
No great rage,
With no silenced grave
Shall put us down.

Poem – “Drying your Eyes” – Romance – 11/17/2020

Like the ocean,
I dry your eyes.
Not so much like the river,
And not so much like a lake.
For before there is a stream,
And before there is a puddle,
I dive.

I dive to find your mind,
To ease your heart,
Reaching for somewhere
You cannot find.

I open you
To the residue,
Of the fanned flames
Spreading shame.

There should be life
To each of your eyes,
Not the porcelain sadness
Of a displaced heart,
What I feel, what you cannot see,
Is all I seal, among all you bleed.

Poem – “Burying you in Mind” – Romance – 11/17/2020

With these colors on board
A flaming ship,
With tactile remembrances
To discolor my nakedness.
There are thoughts woven around
The beaten hull,
Scattered like tokens
For the painful train
Down the lane where love
Goes broken.

Such fragility
To set apart the stones
From the empty leaves,
Wilted into disarray.
Torn and shattered
Like the steps to make
Upon the immaculate sand,
With words running like foam
From my mouth.

Burying her
In the combined sadness
Of an anchor that left too soon,
With the clouds that departed too swiftly.
For my storm was a purposeful one,
As my vessel was a colonized one
While the rope is about my feet,
Joining for another one,
Another time for tasting debris,
Another place for the oceanic leave,

As all lives were always won.

Poem – “Lifting You to the Sun” – Romance – 11/16/2020

Can strength
Be that which
Allows the kiss,
Allows the relived moment
Surely missed?
I can hold all the air,
Though will I breathe it
If not through your lips?

Bringing you up
Past the curtains so wide,
Lifting you to God
To see where Heaven resides,
To notice where I made a bed
Keen with petals so red,
Where bleeds the love you shall see
Has been your need, has been your plea.

Loving trances,
Holiest entrances
To where we grace our fingers
With rings of eternity.

Poem – “Melting Oceans” – Romance – 11/16/2020

What love
Harbors so little
Of the sun,
Yet leaves the ocean to rot
Under the moon?
I seem to weep,
Though nothing exits
These eyes of mine,
Whereas the ocean can stumble
Like a withering man
To his crooked chair.

What life
Breathes so frail,
When I
Can surrender to the littlest lies
Carved into my neck?
There is a form
So much devoured by the ice,
Be it her,
Or be it the moon’s own daughter
Who comes to find rest
In the melting haze?

The ocean buries tunes
Into its rotting mind,
Leaving its heart
Scattered as fragments
Among her kind.
Like reflections broken
Of sadness so beautiful,
There is starved of the world
Much transparency.

Much to know
Of grief’s own lowered eyes,
Of living waters
Among loving stillness,
Of the movement,
To the wasteful idleness.

Poem – “Blinking Back the Tides” – Romance – 11/15/2020

Screams, unending
Beneath the fallen curtain
Before my haloed eyes,
While you travel in your nakedness
Without the miles carved in your heart,
Like twin-folded scars
Upon where I place two peaceful fingers,
Starting the somber voyage,
Bleeding in the dust.

You, where you took the world
By the hands of fate,
As we crossed the salience of love,
The tides where we place our feet.
Of currents blinked back,


You caught the sand in your eyes,
Dropping tear after miserable fear,
Losing your veil in the wind.

Singing the tunes that never escaped
From your heart,
Where slopes were carved in the red.

I trusted the paths
Where we did not tread,
Without blinking ourselves back
Through the mist
Within our mind.

Poem – “Where Walls coming Tumbling” – Romance – 11/15/2020

Upon the leaves,
Streaming where you left
This world
Frozen over,
In greatest graces
Departed from yourself,
For all I see is unending snow.
Love holds you,
In the deepest of puddles.

I love
All that came from you,
Believing you
Where you put your warm heart,
Fading you
In the skies, where Heavens corrupt
By the black light of my grief.

You wash your eyes
In the tears that never truly leave,
As you leave your wounds
To find meaning in the memories.
Lift yourself,
Find yourself
Where you were buried
Like leaves in the fire.

Face our grief,
Bleeding in between realms
Of poignant disbelief,
Remaining where
We can all be aware
Of our silent stares.

Poem – “Loving you, Between the Lines” – Romance – 11/15/2020

Leaving you
Buried, in the fields of your remembrance,
Spelling out songs in the wilderness,
Drying tears upon the edges of broken petals.
There is a waiting life,
Bleeding ourselves to dine
Upon the blood of strife,
Wilting ourselves, in the shallows.

Wasting you
Where dreams come, unending.
They’re real as nightmares,
Where I can live
Without you.
The love I felt,
Like loosening the streams
From the dams of my eyelids.

Sickness resolves sickness,
Like love gives shape to love,
Entering the fields where you grow up
As the heavenly stalk,
Sinking your face
Into the puddles of your shame.
We bleed,
So we bleed on, even more.

Poem – “The Woman in You” – Romance – 11/15/2020

Come up
Without a sound,
Nested upon your pursed lips,
For you ache,
I as I know it to be
The heart of your own
That never opened something
So together sown.

Lift yourself
To heights, unimagined
By the faults of your rewards,
To the reward of my faults.
For the man of me,
Welcomes the woman in you.
Will you leave the girl behind
Of your rotting past?

Writing your script
Is to give trust
To Shakespeare’s betrayals,
Of limbs upon scattered tresses
Brought down from your head,
By the passing tide
Of certain loathing miles,
Living where you never smile.

Enter yourself
Through the open door,
With the lies that smear your shoulders,
Lifting half the world
Upon your kissed cheek,
Among your wilted lips.

Poem – “Wading in your Eyes” – Romance – 11/15/2020

Never contemplates
For I only wish to deny
All the tears I have cried.
For I find no sounds
In the breaths,
That carry from my lips,
While silence of a certain sort
Has rested atop her porcelain mouth
Painted low upon a face,
As I am left to her feeble grace.

Both the hands,
I had held
Of her own,
Now have dropped to the mud,
As I, beneath the rain
Call up to my pain,
With storms, combined
With reflection.
For I see her face, in the Heavens,
The same stillness
Of the same captivation.

My weak body
Knows no pride,
Of the guilt that I command,
To the shame that I hide.
For the regret I hold close to my neck,
Wrapped as this case of twine,
To a birth that begins
This sickness of mine.

Poem – “Upon Her Burning Arrow” – Romance – 11/14/2020

Let us love
Until the day is won
By the city’s sculptural nights,
Losing messages
In the wind, of our screaming sighs,
Facing tears,
Winding back fears
To when minute hands could soothe.

Lifting your veil
To bury a kiss into your lips,
Finding a heart
Beyond the sea of your form,
To an island of dreams,
Leaving anchors behind
In the stillness of empty clouds,
Where hearts do not shower.

Let us die
Among each other’s lives,
While the world can gleam itself
Raw with the sun.

I can start a journey
Upon hollow waves,
To see you, beneath the current,
Still singing sadness away.