Poem #1,774 – “When Love Retreats” – Love Poetry – 9/13/2021

Was cover more the embrace
Than the open turbulence?
Dark clouds next to you,
Loyalty dreams in the desert
To never rob you of washed petals,
So long as the tears, the waters
Can lift us, not sink us.

Beneath sheets of sky-lit dark,
Fewest stars spread over the nighttime gleam.
You will retreat
To your more covering cover,
The concealment that bettered to reveal
All your wounds meant to heal.

I wanted to love within arid blue,
Around frigid dark,
Deserted even in the grain,
Buried beneath the stain
Loyal for the birds, the never-excess freedom
To explore the depths of you.

I wanted to fall upwards,
Breaking laws, quitting nature
From its order into chaotic thrash of limbs
Upon the startled driveway
Where we parked to see the endless
Spark, to the caressed evening.

Wine to lips,
Folded limbs, branded kiss,
While your eyes will see the end
To a road that showed no fog,
No concealment, no smog
While your wounds kept you dying
Before the desert, in the ocean
Where you are crying.

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