Poem #1,772 – “Without the River for Freedom” – Romanticism – 9/12/2021

Her heart swells to the loosened tide,
Revives to the reminder
That no pain came so simple,
Left so bitterly
In the hours it stayed.

A few teardrops towards the galaxy,
A world apart from the gleaming ocean,
Fewest breaths or sighs of relief,
While nothing could drink
A pure sustenance from her breast.

A beating stone within bleeding flesh,
Cold fingers run a mile
Past her tresses in the wind.

Her nose tastes the salted breeze,
Before her lips can taste her defeat
Brought before the riverbed.

An ocean, a caress or two to the death
Of one heart without sound,
Without music to come around
With faces that mix-match
All the things that would not attach.

Falsehoods and broken jewels,
A diamond cut by her eyes.
Cast rays from an invisible sun
That to her dreams,
Came undone.

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