Philosophy – “Where Humans are not meant to Store Emotions” – 9/7/2021

“No human, the doll, the tinkered instrument meant to snap either of strings to physical realness or of blinding gullibility, will perpetually be the case. All humans, the sponge, the tank flooded within that will break no matter the toughness of exterior. There is no skin the metal, nor face the mask that can guard nor conceal all things that do not hide on the surface.”

– Modern Romanticism

Weakness is not an insult. Weakness is our humanity. We are weak, when we do not want to be any longer strong. What a person protects within is always for the desire to strike out upon another, deemed weaker. The bully we can become craves to punish, even though a bully is weak, themselves. Human beings are cresting waves, as the shore is the shoulder. Tears are what push us to the brink, to the edge, that we cannot hold ourselves within. Since to hold ourselves within, is to keep humanity buried. Humans are the waves that are following a singular path. At some point, we crash, we fall, and it is the shoreline that listens.

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Somewhat Personal – “How a Person Genuinely Becomes Fearless… though, with Consequences” – 5/9/2021

“Through fear, a person learns to move. As it is always ‘through’ fear, to be past it, not within it, that life stirs itself inside its own veins. It will be fearlessness, attained, when a person learns to ably spill some blood off their own veins, without tears to add.”

– Modern Romanticism

No one is left alone, without feeling alone. Though, the gullible nature of a simple child, who might find themselves to love themselves, in their mindset of adolescence, have not felt fear. It is fear that stirs life, within its veins. Though, past it, and life is swimming down such crimson cylinders. Then, to lose some of such blood, should not be with the wince, nor with the tears, for that is not fearlessness.

To be numb at the apprehending feeling of fear, before the face of death, is a sign of truest fearlessness.

To live in the fear for another, never for the self, is to know how to be fearless when the self does not matter. That is how such fearlessness is attained. When the self does not matter, manifold injury may be stuck against one’s flesh, and the pain is given more with the response of, “If it is just me, then let it be so.”

This is fearlessness. To be afraid is to be such, for another. Then, to be afraid for the self, is to be a coward. If to be concerned for another is to make one afraid, then one has learned to both love and to be fearless. Content with one’s wounds, and then one is never afraid, for a moment more.

A love, so alike, with the face of another to represent one’s own, that to notice their teardrops will provoke the protector’s face to melt.

Love encourages heroism, not fear. Love, and one learns to be loved. Become the betrayer, and then one learns to resent. Though, one does not know who to resent, when they’ve thought to always live with truth.

Bleed yourself, for another, and then one is fearless, because one’s own bloodstream is not theirs. However, see their blood be flowed, and rage should be inspired in you, the protector’s eyes. Of your own heart which for many years might have pumped the liquids of bravery through you, will always keep you open to this purpose.

The sole consequence is to be left with realizing what remains, should the protector fail.

An avalanche of selfish pain. That is what comes.

Quote – “What is Strength?” – 4/14/2021

“If the greatest weakness of all is for the individual to believe he lacks one, then this is his greatest imperfection. Awareness of capability does not come without the same for its opposite. We are not capable if we are not also aware of how we are incapable. Pushing limits is one way to be capable, though without an awareness for weakness, there is nothing to withstand and no way to show strength.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Why Vulnerability is the Key to Strength” – 7/23/2020

“Think of the mind as related to the muscles, when we exercise to break down the fibers so that our limbs can grow stronger after rest. To be vulnerable, is in the same idea. We operate on a choice that breaks us down, only for us to grow when we rest, when we contemplate on the consequences. That is called being responsible. That is called being mature.

When we encounter any trial in our lives, to do anything that requires risk, we break ourselves open upon the task before us. Like an egg, we crack ourselves open upon what we face. In being vulnerable during those moments, we are soon to grow when we repair ourselves, either through what we took a risk in, or when we are betrayed. Because, like muscles, we grow stronger after we rest, after we have been broken down.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Why a Man is not Taught to Never Suffer” – 6/9/2020

“It is in a man’s instinct, his Nature, and for what he teaches to himself, to suffer less than the ones he’s meant to lead. For what leader suffers the same as his weakened people? A man’s attraction to politics and leadership positions only comes by way of what he teaches himself. He weeps in a corner, because Nature has damned him to be a leader. A woman will say he is cowardly for making excuses, though only out of admittance to her own weakness. For the man who says to another man to not be weak, is only because he has fed those words to himself, at least a thousand times.”

– Anonymous

Psychology – “Of a Man’s Need for Oneness, to a Woman’s Craving for Mass” – 5/18/2020

Is it not accurate to put that a woman, especially as we see her in today’s time, speaks aloud about the word “choice”? Choice, as it should be seen, relates directly to the words “diversity” and “number”. When in a shop, we are presented with choices. When a woman was liberated from the household, she was presented with the two words “choice” and “opportunity”. All of these things feed into an inevitable way with a woman, to see numbers, as she may have, in olden days, see many children.

Is it not accurate to put that a man can, for a woman, offer her the oneness that disposes of such materialism? It is not also what Christianity speaks of about God, naming God to be both male and a father? If it is proven, not even from a religious point-of-view, that a woman craves choice and independence, then it is inevitably a man who wants for oneness. Why is that? It is because oneness relates to a beginning. A woman cannot any longer want for numbers, if loyalty has already directed itself upon her. Abandonment is something most potent for a woman. Any woman can feel the abandonment of a man’s heart, as that heart can somehow be related to God’s own, because his physical presence is all that is around.

How is it not objectively true that a woman’s addiction to a “wide variety” of assets and resources, relates to how much she has, in today’s world, been disconnected from oneness? It seems to be, that when a woman is disconnected from oneness, being offered by a man, she is connected to the numerous. When a woman rejects the union within marriage, she automatically seems to embrace the numerous choices offered in the world. From this, it seems that a woman’s psychology only offers her either oneness or the numerous, as either union or division, as either love or fear.

What of that oneness, of that creation, of that unity?

Creation. Creation relates to a seed. A seed relates to a sperm cell, when only one ever gets to the egg. Oneness. That is the beginning of something. It is the beginning of life. For a woman, a man makes oneness, and keeps her collected. It is what defines loyalty only from a man to a woman, because were it not, then perhaps multiple seeds would be in competition to create a beginning. It is the case, at first, when a million sperm cells race to the egg. Yet, when one gets there, it has been inaugurated into leadership. Leadership. That is the oneness. The collection, the gathering of a population, to be unified. Perhaps this is the objective reason why a man desired a son, in the past.

If that is not enough, then why is the infant meant to be born head-first? See the head as the leader, as Christianity sees God as the head, and you will find Atheism to be full of ignorance.

When is it not written in a mournful love song that a woman sees herself too incapable, when once in that relationship, to ever keep the man close to her? Yet, a woman feels “capable” without a man, among the “numerous” that she clings to. Multiple magazine subscriptions, many celebrities voices to hear and gain advice from, podcasts to listen to… the list goes on.

A woman feels abandonment, like the star in the universe among the millions spread across, never chosen. Can one easily see God collecting the stars, like a woman collects children? If so, then a man will see all women as his children, if only for there to be one to truly love. Perhaps that is also the reason why a man desires a son, not a daughter, because what point is there to see another face of his beloved wife? That confusion merely sets apart the oneness within the definition of love.

A man is challenged to gather the weak together, if only to create that oneness through the love that creates the unity.

Poem – “A Farewell to my Idle Self” – Life – 4/7/2020

I cast aside
Where I have walked,
Where the priests once talked,
When they had looked over my shoulder,
At the failure surrounding me.
My lonely road,
Has been a cold one.

I say farewell,
To a man who stood frozen
By a stream
Made from his own tears.

I whisper goodbye
To the Hell I have forged from lies.
Because, here I am,
Ready to become one who can.

Life stands aside
For the brave and the bold
Who only walk onwards
Towards Death that takes hold.

Our lives are shelved upon mystery,
And hysteria.
A kiss is sometimes what we want,
When all the tears have been dried
To becoming a desert.

A Quote of Wisdom – “No One is Strong while Alone” – 3/8/2020

“To recognize our strength, is to see where we stand, that we do stand, that we are standing, upon the Earth where others have walked. For we do not walk any path alone, for the same reason as we should know that others know our difficulties, and can understand us. Self-worth has no meaning, if we continue to believe we can make it, without another’s aid. Because, the place where we stand, is a place where others have died, others have fallen, and still, others remain walking. Down the same roads we all travel, there are others to hold hands with, because the only strength we possess, while alone, is an evil and selfish one.

While we stand, we do not sink. We only stand, and remain standing, because we know that others have done the same, as us. Look to those who have made it, and receive wisdom from them. But, look behind you to see those who are struggling, and find yourself to be their leaders.”

A Quote of Wisdom – “The Past Relates to Fear” – 3/2/2020

“It is a common saying that when we focus on the past, we stop focusing on the future. To obsess over our past, is to obsess over fear, for even if what was in the past was pleasant, it is strange to everyone else. Even if it is not strange to the individual, it is strange to each other person who has noticed it, now as a physical realness. About the past, and everything that accompanies it, and should it be embraced, it will make strangeness something of normalcy to the real world. Could we ever love strangeness? We cannot. Just like a new technology introduced into the contemporary world, we simply get used to it. What we pull from a past, just like a scientist pulling old information from philosophies to use for modern discoveries, it becomes called ‘evolution’. We could not ‘accept’ strangeness through the feeling of love, though must adapt to it, like any new introduction.

It is a wrong, then, to desire love as something almost infinitely strange to human eyes. The element of ‘understanding’ that corresponds with ‘acceptance’, is not something that will be met with the strangeness. Do we understand the new technology with all its workings? We do, though we would not place the same sight of ‘use’ upon someone meant to be loved. We would not do that, unless ‘manipulation’, ‘threats’, and ‘coercion’ are somehow normal things meant to be in a relationship between human and human. These things we had placed upon the slave, not the loved one.

‘Understanding’ is the element that relates itself to ‘acceptance’ when we know something comes from the thought of it. It is the gift, versus the deserving.

What is wisdom? It is the offspring of pain, when pain has been felt enough to grasp information from it. Grasping information from a beginning, is to grasp information something that has died. From an Occultist standpoint, this is being the Necromancer. It is the information that will only benefit the self, as the individual regresses back to a survivalist state, enough so that they linger among Death and its companion, fear. Continually dwelling in fear, turns a person in control of their mind, though also omitting feelings of empathy and love for another. Raising information from Hell or a past, will only benefit the self, and anyone else dwelling in the same ‘beginning’, being a past, being what has died. Is it not the same that the Narcissist will only ever identify well with another Narcissist? Their reflection is what they are in love with, after all.

Strangeness that existed in the subconscious, coming forth when we are asleep, is always to be alien to anyone other than us. Should the individual embrace that strangeness, then they’ve become what everyone fears, being Death.

What is more, is that it seems, according to this written logic above, our obsession with equality can only be based upon what makes anyone equal, being Death. If such is attained, we will be equal, though will be as brittle as the ashes we have been built upon.

Poem – “Bludgeoned by the Tear” – 8/17/2019

“I love you,
It is for that reason,
That I will not let you fall.
With eyes that gleam under moonlight,
And features that show fear before my sight,
I do love, and for that, I will seek strength,
So that beauty will not be hurt
By a swinging tear.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Emotion” – 8/16/2019

“The emotion is alike the beast. Too wild to be free at the ultimate state, and too large to be truly caged. We, as humans, cage animals, for we cage emotions. We, as humans, believe ourselves to be beyond emotions. We, as humans, both cage ourselves, and the emotions we will enclose in our heart. The emotion is alike the beast. When free, it will roam, and we then have allowed it to escape us. We are without humanity through this action. The emotion should, in fact, be kept on a leash. With only enough freedom for movement, and enough control of the master to pull it backwards. The leash, however, is never unbreakable. For the emotion may be the beast with wings, or the beast with strong legs. Allow it to be truly free, and it will escape into total darkness. The master will search, being forced to search a void.”