Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Poem – “Bludgeoned by the Tear” – 8/17/2019

August 17, 2019

“I love you,
It is for that reason,
That I will not let you fall.
With eyes that gleam under moonlight,
And features that show fear before my sight,
I do love, and for that, I will seek strength,
So that beauty will not be hurt
By a swinging tear.”


Words of Wisdom – “The Most Honest of Men” – 8/16/2019

August 16, 2019

“Why would we ever be comfortable around the politician who never lies? To be comforted, is to be lied to, and this is factual. A comfort is a lie. A comfort is a stagnation. For even the heart moves, evermore rapidly while in love. And it stops, when we are dead.

What do I mean by this? I mean, that honesty comes out of the man, who leads, when he can stoop low to see, once more, his origin. When the King had fought in the battlefield alongside his unrelenting soldiers, his cries were louder than those who died by the sword, who were their opponents. What I mean, is that honesty comes out of a man when he allows fear to be his own strength, as very much it is the weakness of his people. As very much it becomes the strength of his people, it soon becomes the weakness of himself. That is, the leader should be compassionate.

And comfort will weaken, and will tell a soldier to no longer fight. Comfort will tell a man to kneel. A woman will let a man fall to his knees before her light. Her face is now the face which a man has implored himself to stand, and then to fight, again, for her safety.

I say it once more than an honest man is a man of no shadows, but light. He is a man who people will despise, and many others will look over with admiration. That is because in a world of lies and comfort, and nothing more else to name, honesty burns. Honesty burns a hole in the shadows, and comes to people’s hearts to make them wrathful with fury.

And those under the guise of comfort will no longer see their shadows, but the light they are forced to notice. And this light, is what they attempt to reject, only to find themselves swimming in it, unable to let loose its hold.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Emotion” – 8/16/2019

August 16, 2019

“The emotion is alike the beast. Too wild to be free at the ultimate state, and too large to be truly caged. We, as humans, cage animals, for we cage emotions. We, as humans, believe ourselves to be beyond emotions. We, as humans, both cage ourselves, and the emotions we will enclose in our heart. The emotion is alike the beast. When free, it will roam, and we then have allowed it to escape us. We are without humanity through this action. The emotion should, in fact, be kept on a leash. With only enough freedom for movement, and enough control of the master to pull it backwards. The leash, however, is never unbreakable. For the emotion may be the beast with wings, or the beast with strong legs. Allow it to be truly free, and it will escape into total darkness. The master will search, being forced to search a void.”

Words of Wisdom – “A World of Personal Irresponsibility” – 7/20/2019

July 20, 2019

“To withdraw oneself from the responsibility in their tasks, is to willingly submit to dictation. It is because the gift of ‘responsibility’ is to charge oneself with one’s life. It is leadership, incarnate; responsibility, that is, is the governor, or the tyrant, not upon the other, but upon the personal action. What one disregards, when it comes to responsibility, is their inevitable submission before the dictator. The leadership of such a dictator, as with all dictators, will be merciless, and in this world of ‘personal irresponsibility’, there is no more a dictator desires, than first, his succession, and next, his ability to stomp a rebellion or an uprising, back beneath the soil.”

Words of Wisdom – “Respect, as Occasionally the Replacement for Love” – 7/14/2019

July 14, 2019

“Love is automatic and gifted, whereas respect is earned and disposable. The respected are not so easily loved. To desire respect is not so much to desire a risk of the life, the unguarded life, and the unguarded heart. We, as stubborn humans, who desire respect, will guard all our weaknesses. Through respect, we place upon our faces a mask, where we believe nothing can penetrate it. It is just so, from the man to the woman, and her body is too much the beauty to penetrate in the figurative sense, that the strongest man will find his way to her heart. For if it is his heart that controls him, and not his mind, he’ll find himself tangled in her veins. Respect oftentimes is the replacement for love, because with people who desire the former, the latter becomes our weakness, and there is no way we wish to allow our guards to drop. Especially through love, when our shields are willingly dropped. From the knight to his beloved maiden, he’ll submit with knee to the floor, before his most wanted devotion.”

Poem – “To Lift Thee up from a Poor Tomb” – Romantic

June 5, 2019

Have thee gone astray?
From the wicked heart of mine,
Into the comfort of decay
And into the solace of a new moon,
Soon when your weary mind
Sees the heat in this garden’s bloom?

I see with steps that are taken,
Above a grave that reeks,
In the scent of an ocean,
The magnificence of your fall.
And soon to lift you up,
From this naked shell.

You are beautiful and exquisite,
Even in your pain.
You have the pain of a wounded bird,
And the eyes that show disdain.
Mere petals without being a bud,
Without any new beginning.

When you’ll see me and my strength,
There will be no doubt.
There will be no need to shout,
“I have not seen you in happiness,
So how have you found strength?”
I do not feed, my love.

I have starved myself of happiness,
So that I may see thy misery.
I have created torture from another flower
Where each petal holds poison,
And the nectar is just as toxic,
And it is how I comprehend pain’s taste.

I will take it away from you,
In this strength, in this love.
You are among the few,
Among the brave,
You have seen me among the rotten,
And you will soon see me as unforgotten.