A Quote of Wisdom – “The Past Relates to Fear” – 3/2/2020

“It is a common saying that when we focus on the past, we stop focusing on the future. To obsess over our past, is to obsess over fear, for even if what was in the past was pleasant, it is strange to everyone else. Even if it is not strange to the individual, it is strange to each other person who has noticed it, now as a physical realness. About the past, and everything that accompanies it, and should it be embraced, it will make strangeness something of normalcy to the real world. Could we ever love strangeness? We cannot. Just like a new technology introduced into the contemporary world, we simply get used to it. What we pull from a past, just like a scientist pulling old information from philosophies to use for modern discoveries, it becomes called ‘evolution’. We could not ‘accept’ strangeness through the feeling of love, though must adapt to it, like any new introduction.

It is a wrong, then, to desire love as something almost infinitely strange to human eyes. The element of ‘understanding’ that corresponds with ‘acceptance’, is not something that will be met with the strangeness. Do we understand the new technology with all its workings? We do, though we would not place the same sight of ‘use’ upon someone meant to be loved. We would not do that, unless ‘manipulation’, ‘threats’, and ‘coercion’ are somehow normal things meant to be in a relationship between human and human. These things we had placed upon the slave, not the loved one.

‘Understanding’ is the element that relates itself to ‘acceptance’ when we know something comes from the thought of it. It is the gift, versus the deserving.

What is wisdom? It is the offspring of pain, when pain has been felt enough to grasp information from it. Grasping information from a beginning, is to grasp information something that has died. From an Occultist standpoint, this is being the Necromancer. It is the information that will only benefit the self, as the individual regresses back to a survivalist state, enough so that they linger among Death and its companion, fear. Continually dwelling in fear, turns a person in control of their mind, though also omitting feelings of empathy and love for another. Raising information from Hell or a past, will only benefit the self, and anyone else dwelling in the same ‘beginning’, being a past, being what has died. Is it not the same that the Narcissist will only ever identify well with another Narcissist? Their reflection is what they are in love with, after all.

Strangeness that existed in the subconscious, coming forth when we are asleep, is always to be alien to anyone other than us. Should the individual embrace that strangeness, then they’ve become what everyone fears, being Death.

What is more, is that it seems, according to this written logic above, our obsession with equality can only be based upon what makes anyone equal, being Death. If such is attained, we will be equal, though will be as brittle as the ashes we have been built upon.

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  1. I like to understand more emotions than just what my blog originally shows, being love.

    If I can understand Socialism, and relate it to what I’ve written in this post, it is that it is a system meant to make people “equal through Death”, rather than “equal through love”.

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