Poem – “Behind your Shielding Hands” – Romance

Your shielding hands do not wash tears,
But merely keep your face hidden from the crudeness,
Of my blatancy.
Of balance and form, of folded wings that burn.

Where tears weep out to the hovering space,
I’ll say that it is you who cries.
Behind a closed curtain where farewells die,
There is you who cries.

There is the merciless destruction of a form,
A love had once protected it,
And protected a face,
From scarring.

Death is your only reward,
For your selfish abandonment.
What is my reward?
Where is my punishment?
I am the fallen curtain,
And the somber attitude.

The endless revealing of your bleeding tears,
The times we’ve kept to the unending dark,
Has played our emotions like distant notes,
Called from a rock,
Called from a wailing woman,
Whose lover has gone away.

There is shadow that creeps over me,
By the futility of a presence.
I am angered by my desire,
To still have you, by the moment I’m meant to hang.

Love has called me back,
To my selfish hopes,
Your selfishness is merely a stone,
To my boulder.

Your shielding hands do not wash tears,
But merely keep your face hidden from the crudeness,
Of my blatancy.
Of balance and form, of folded wings that burn.

Of grace and sickening aromas,
Of rouge and shadow and roses,
Of beauty and the chain to the whip.
There is all the desire to behold.

There is a reveal of madness in my swimming eyes,
There is a curtain of forgiveness upon my arm,
There are beauties who roam,
And kisses that touch.

I am nothing without a fever,
Without a love.
I am nothing,
And simply everything.

Poem – “My Lady, in Silence” – Romance

The most beautiful of orchids,
Has soon met her fate,
By a dying rose,
Upon her somber face.

Her sorrow reaches to the Earth’s end,
Away from my trembling hands.
Disease and pestilence, are my only reward,
For my fleeing from safety.

Her number grew gradually,
Among the rotten many.
The many poor to which she brought herself,
Low, for a kiss,
Flooded London’s districts, and France’s cemeteries,
And made failure as her triumph.

For she dances with a sparkle to amaze,
The thwarting crowd, who reach
For the moon’s elongated arms.
I feel fate crawl upon us.

I feel the nectar unbind my wounds,
And cause misery to cease,
I am among the tragic few,
With fewer tears to name as new.

I am a man with no name,
And sees a woman with no face.

Her eyes, and her beauty
Struggles to fight the willful fight,
Beyond temptation, beyond dirt,
And so I may hold her in longer arms.

Her dreams and her woe,
Become nothingness, so slow.

Poem – “The Discarded Angel” – Romance/Grief

I feel for thee,
My worn beauty.
Your frail, and vivid form,
Shows likeness to me.

I find destiny, itching to see,
The most heinous parts of us,
Broken together, we are soon among death,
Failing to remember, beneath bated breath.
And your eyes!
They revealed the most sickening heartache.

You died, with your love entwined,
Vast in the many folds, of your long dress.
Torn and ragged, now at your legs.
As long as tails, alike to your bleak tress.

I see thee, wrapped in a box,
Beneath the eyes of priests.
I approach so gracefully,
And see thee, before thee died.
Tears drain from my somber eyes,
Like words from where these priests lie.

Oh, beloved!
You were the devil that lashed my back,
And they treat you like Heaven.
Disembowel me one more time,
For my steps are lacking,
My eyes cannot see, anymore.

Where was our love?
Had it even begun?
Where did you stray,
When an illness struck upon thy frail form?

I still love,
Though, not enough,
Because, you have died,
And I am alive.

Poem – “Beloved, Unclothe Yourself” – 7/1/2019

I bathe myself in your splendor,
And stoop myself under the light of your smile,
I savor the breath that comes off as sweet,
And drink deeply from all victims of mine.

I am, and will always be, my own enemy.
I am tremendous, in how I own myself,
But I am a pitiful beast, with no mark.
I place myself into a nothingness, I call home.

There you are, with a face, unlike mine,
Your breasts, made of silver;
Your eyes, made from emerald.
Your kindness, is where I soothe myself.

Away from the bottle, away from the chair,
Nothing to drink, nothing to throw.
Your face sweeps me from the den of my design,
Where there is nothing but pain so sublime.

I have bones showing, and death’s stare at my door,
Until I see your prettiness, awakening,
And I am filled, with the uniqueness,
Of a woman named as her, so whole in form.

I feel misery as easily as I speak,
I feel death as easily as I breathe,
But when I breathe your name,
I am showered with relief.

Poem – “I am an Immortal Man with Eternal Guilt” – Romance – 6/30/2019

Why have I felt, the need, to break,
And unbind the fortune, of love?
Where there is so much, to behold,
I see tears, streaming precious gold,
I see a face, made with ivory,
Though, bendable like silver.

Your face quivers, from the gentlest touch,
And show creases of misery, from the widest brush,
A face of no sympathy, that I behold,
For thine eyes to witness, like Christ, upon the cross.
I am the cruel man, with his wicked, endeavors,
And the sad man, who shall live, forever.

Not immortal, beneath love,
I am maddened, to be far above,
Your petals, and your lakes,
The lilies, upon your face,
I am an immortal man, with eternal guilt,
Drawn with ambition, eating poisoned fruit.

Dialogue – “A Sympathetic Government” – A Debunk to the Idea of a Caring Nation – A Debunk to Socialism – 6/24/2019

Q: You say that sympathy is the only utilization of any form of government?

A: It is correct.

Q: Why is that?

A: There used to be a time when the common American would empathize, not sympathize, with their nation. Understand, this is purely a psychological argument. This was during the time when only men were allowed to storm on foreign soil, during a heated war. Psychologically speaking, men went to war to “free their lands” and this means to keep the weak free; that is, to keep women free. Empathy was in their hearts, and such battle cries were there for inspiration. What America’s founding fathers fought for, was for the government to fear its people, not for the people to fear their government. When the people benefit the nation, the people love the nation, through empathy. When the government benefits the nation, the government cannot understand the individual, or individualism, so therefore, the common American is neglected of their ability, which relates to their ability to work and prove themselves.

Q: You mean that when a population of people use empathy for their nation, then the people are seeing the nation as a one?

A: That is correct. A population of people who see their nation as a one, will be the same as an individual viewing another individual as a one, and never part of a group. A nation’s government, whose leadership views its people as a one, will again, never see its people for individuals. Individualism is left to die, and the government becomes the one.

Q: And this means that the people will, though unknowingly, empathize with their government?

A: For the same reason that a child will look after his or her own mother, in return for the shelter that the mother had offered, by her home, then such a government is therefore, seen as a parental figure. Purely psychological, again, and for a population of people to see their nation, not its leaders, as offering shelter, will mean for the population to empathize and love their nation. This all forms the difference between submission to a government, and submission to a nation, and its individuals. The government would have no choice but to submit to its army of citizens.

Q: And if the people submit to their nation’s leaders?

A: That would be the same as such a nation of individuals remaining as children. Every American that loves animals more than people, subconsciously believes in the innocence that they, themselves, long for, by way of being ignorant. To know nothing, and let a war rage on, or to allow their home to burn, and not react, is epitome of American apathy. As children, and their leaders as a “parental figure” means for such Americans to never mature and become as intelligent as their leaders.

Q: And to the men who protect their nation, or protect their women?

A: When men no longer protect women, it is a singularity of people, a neutrality of people and their inspiration, to ever want to be raised to the height of the nation’s leaders; and the men who once protected women, now protect themselves. It is psychological, because when men protected women, soldiers protected their nation; and this means that men kept their women free, and soldiers kept their land free. The fertility of a woman and her place as a mother, and a nation with its place as a Motherland, makes freedom necessary for the nation and its people, not for the leaders.

Q: Anything else?

A: The basis behind Socialism and its creation of poverty is a war between development and poverty. This is a war between the Primate Brain and the Reptilian Brain. A war between the primate and the reptile. A war between development and underdevelopment. A war between the mind and the heart. A war between leadership and Liberalism. A war between the rich and the poor, as it has always been, for millennia. Two singularities, with one who are rich and the other who are poor, where the rich grow taller and the poor die off.

Poem – “My Love, with thy Heavenly Form” – Romance

Those kisses,
To which I offer for two nipples,
And a bottom,
To which I offer my grip.
Your face asks for a stare,
My own; I’ve become aware.

Your eyes show stars;
I am in their marveling glance,
Deep kisses I share to a face,
Upon two cheeks, these kisses are laid,
Upon two lips, these kisses are laid,
They are laid down, so that angels weep.

Do you weep, fairest angel?
My love, have you wept for this passion?
A kiss I give to thy abdomen,
A beat from a heart, a second one!
It is so, that I hear one come from there,
My beauty, with family, we are here.

A face I must always hold,
And cradle in my firm touch,
I am so much in love,
That crimson spills free from this chest,
And pain begins to crumble,
So that my empire is set free.

Words of Wisdom – “A Man’s Remorse” – 6/24/2019

“A man’s remorse is the knife that edges his life on the sharp end. His reflection is hideous, and he will not stare too long into that reflection, before moving away from it. What links the man to achievement? It is the relief away from that remorse. For it is because a man has stared enough at himself either in the puddle or in the mirror, and will not find vanity a natural part of him, until achievement comes as that relief. What he’s found in that reflection is a monster. Hideous and crude, and to a woman, she should become his ultimate achievement, the ultimate relief, the ultimate swell of comfort, and never will he long for more.”

A Critique on Feminism – “Smallness is Intelligence”

Q: What do you see what you stare upwards?

A: I see the epitome of success. I see those who have risen, and this height they have crawled to find, has made them topple over what was at that height. Like some bear that climbs a tree too light for its own weight, that tree will fall.

Q: Success is then defined as what?

A: It is something gained through intelligence.

Q: And what is slavery?

A: It is something that is divided between the mind and body. The body, being, what is sympathized, these days, leaving the mind vulnerable.

Q: And why is the mind vulnerable?

A: It is because the mind holds power when the physical size of the body is lacking. A woman in today’s time lacks intelligence, because she has focused much on her body.

Q: Why has she focused so much on her body?

A: That is because a woman will empathize with the wound, the physical wound, just as she did when women were nurses during the Great Wars. She can see the wound clearly, and feel empathy. This makes a woman the perfect nurse.

Q: And why has she neglected the mind?

A: It is because no one, neither a man nor a woman, can have two primary focuses. When the women of the past were protected for their bodies, it was men who did this; and now, their minds are enslaved, so much that they focus primarily on their bodies. However, as much as the mind has been neglected, it can only be neglected so much; and that is due to that “negligence” will reduce the secondary focus down to 1% to the primary focus of 99%. There is no such thing as a 50-50 “equal” focus, because no one, especially people of competition, are satisfied with a tie.