Poem – “Beloved, Unclothe Yourself” – 7/1/2019

I bathe myself in your splendor,
And stoop myself under the light of your smile,
I savor the breath that comes off as sweet,
And drink deeply from all victims of mine.

I am, and will always be, my own enemy.
I am tremendous, in how I own myself,
But I am a pitiful beast, with no mark.
I place myself into a nothingness, I call home.

There you are, with a face, unlike mine,
Your breasts, made of silver;
Your eyes, made from emerald.
Your kindness, is where I soothe myself.

Away from the bottle, away from the chair,
Nothing to drink, nothing to throw.
Your face sweeps me from the den of my design,
Where there is nothing but pain so sublime.

I have bones showing, and death’s stare at my door,
Until I see your prettiness, awakening,
And I am filled, with the uniqueness,
Of a woman named as her, so whole in form.

I feel misery as easily as I speak,
I feel death as easily as I breathe,
But when I breathe your name,
I am showered with relief.

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