Poem – “My Love, with thy Heavenly Form” – Romance

Those kisses,
To which I offer for two nipples,
And a bottom,
To which I offer my grip.
Your face asks for a stare,
My own; I’ve become aware.

Your eyes show stars;
I am in their marveling glance,
Deep kisses I share to a face,
Upon two cheeks, these kisses are laid,
Upon two lips, these kisses are laid,
They are laid down, so that angels weep.

Do you weep, fairest angel?
My love, have you wept for this passion?
A kiss I give to thy abdomen,
A beat from a heart, a second one!
It is so, that I hear one come from there,
My beauty, with family, we are here.

A face I must always hold,
And cradle in my firm touch,
I am so much in love,
That crimson spills free from this chest,
And pain begins to crumble,
So that my empire is set free.

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