The Music of Memory

Winter drained itself, upon my knees,
In holding the cross, to your grave.
I saw, with feeble stare,
The stars, upon your eyes.

They that saw, the infinity, in our love,
And knew, it to be a lie.

I would only fight, to see tomorrow,
And now, I cradle death, in transparent arms.
In a moment, that knows, how to weep,
I sing a song, to grieve.

Blessings told by priests, and their hymns, of loudness,
As if to awaken, the dead, from their slumber.
I drew white, around white,
A sheet, about a body,
While a rose, stood atop, your crown,
A nest, of tresses, shows the hue, of ice.

A tear falls, from my cheek, to my chin,
I left it there, for my kin to see,
And for my kin, to salvage.

One thought on “The Music of Memory

  1. Getting heartbroken once again
    feels like a knife
    cutting with its sharp,
    another human bridge closes
    a new life’s scar
    share your tears
    share also your roses
    with those that are gone
    send your warm feelings
    send the love your soul encloses.

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