Poem – “Rosy Cheeks and Barren Words” – Romance

You have love that surrounds you,
As two arms that have closed upon you,
I have locked you as a shape,
I now love you in this place.
Your rosy cheeks are my dessert,
Your barren words are its sweetness.

I describe,
With a voice so cherished,
The roundness of a cheek, the left one,
And the right one, that has a distant hue,
Attached to the ivory skin.
What ivory that raises a chorus to Heaven’s chambers!

Your face has made a public sound,
Your eyes are not for me to salvage.
I feast now on the cheeks,
I creep, with hands that seek,
To reach,
To eat, those cheeks from that ivory.

A beauty with a face so divine,
So harmonic and rounded,
Tresses fall to your smile,
And surround your neck and shoulders.
So much beauty has left you wicked,
So much pain has left you empty.

Allow me to make you mine.
I drink the blood from my bites,
The wash of crimson against my lips,
Is there for the savoring.
Each moment spent in this bliss,
Is it only mine?

You are distrusting, my sweet.
Have you come to see?
The new moon, surrounded by a fault,
To which our love had grown
From the thorn of a patch,
Lone, and destined for failure.

I am in the music of memory. I am away from the bleeding cheek,
Only tears to eat, only tears to see. Only the finery of a musical word:

One that you speak, with cheeks that bleed,
“Go wither, and sadden all others!
With thy gifts of mercy
And the cloak of a man, who dresses in safety.
It was deception, and nothing else!
You have the face of Satan, not the face of love.”

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