Poem – “A Serpent’s Decision” – 6/3/2023

What did you do?
Going there, knowing where
my body might fall,
letting the rocks come loose,
from mountains.

I am still wishing
that you, with your infinite turns
will return.

I am still hoping
that secrets are not your way.
I am still glancing
over these pale shoulders
to see something I
I had missed,

like another reflection of mine
I had left, in those
bottomless lakes.

You were gone,
the moment I blinked.
You were desperate
to see the sun rise, before
the mourning ever came,

while I am here,
alone, in the drift,
going pale, without going sick,

as love was always an inch away.
Its fever, its reminder
that nothing could, in my blindness
find itself going astray.

Poem – “The Woman throughout” – Modern Romanticism – 11/10/2021

You hold candles to burn us to
Specks upon an aching shoulder.
Why fall, when we knew
To give the ocean its space?
One final teardrop breaks into cinders,
With heat upon your form I trace.
Walk back those eyes
From afar, to bleeding arms.

Do not stop sinking
Even when reaching the end of me.
You were strong upon your own scenery.
Never decide, so near
That we can smother the sounds,
Among feelings that disappear.

Never stay to disguise
Golden textures within your eyes.
Be as beautiful as the flood
That enters, to recede.

Hold those candles to highlight
Ourselves, as dust atop petals in flight.

Never fall, while the pain madly calls
You, to be among
Salience, your presence in heart.

Stay upon another silence, another’s hall –

Where your portraits would not shatter,
Upon where loss cannot matter.

Poem – “Through Broken Glass” – Love Poetry – 6/11/2021

On the journey
Back to delicate torn
Shreds of a deserted field
Where you were raised
As a single flower
With petals flown, empty
To the stagnant touch
Of the winds.

I will soar you
Beyond the last mile
The earth has to stretch for,
In the sum of all mathematical
Concealed as you are
Upon the openness of stars,
With funerals to your stare.

Gravitate, as you
Find scenery in the moon,
Caressed in the arms
Of a one
Who cannot bury the tears,
Though can share your smile
When the marriage
Holds you as the pendant
To the naked rosary.

Poem – “Eclipse Me in your Body” – Romance – 9/20/2020

Why light,
So bright?
What have I burned
Of the stilled tomorrow?
Her hair radiates,
Her skin
Escalates, the tempest,
And the fuses at the ends
Of her
Worn fingers.

Smiles, one of heaviness
To my
Aching body.
Her own
Eclipses what I see of light,
So bright,
With giants to every step,
Every encroaching hour
To my feeble sight.

Lead on,
My woman
Whose arms crawl,
Whose legs drag,
Though still remains beautiful
To even the weariest of days.
Will she,
Or won’t she?
Will she,
Or wouldn’t she?

Move from her reign,
Should she?
Move as the stain,
Could she?

Drawn fingers,
Architected as something hideous,
Born of a disastrous mind,
Sculpted from their own kind.

What a woman whose eyes see keenest flaws,
Enough to swallow her shape.

Poem – “The Devil & I” – Romance – 9/20/2020

I cannot tell
Which part of the night with stars
Leads me to Heaven,
Or withers me to Hell.
I dream of drinks,
Of chalices full of tears,
Full of another’s blood.
There, to the winds that carry
The scent of a funeral’s pyre,
I effort myself to loathe,
Never to love.

Dreams can tell apart,
Day from night.
And I,
With hollowness to every scar,
Stare into the wildness of my reflection
In broadest daylight.

Stirring myself
Past fog,
Past train
That takes those from their roads
To a distant nowhere.
Their faces are the drunken solace.

A rope
Tugs at my throat.
A fear
Blankets me, near.

I am the man whose weight carries him,
While depression looms
By the foulest gloom.

Sunken by quivering might,
As I prostrate myself before shadows,
Sunken light.

Romance Poetry Teaser – Poetry Volume with New Cover – “A Slender Little Romance” – Consisting of 68 Poems

This was delayed, because a new cover had to be made.

It will be released, very soon.

Small Achievement – “924 Poems written on Modern Romanticism” – 7/6/2020

Since May 6th, 2019, I have begun writing an almost endless stream of poetry on this blog. I have now compiled 924 poems, not including the 164 drafts to poetry I didn’t finish.

Minus the 54 poems that I am having published through a local publishing house, I have 870 poems that will still need to be published. Unless readers want to dig through exactly 14 months worth of writing on my blog, I am planning to get this work on the physical page. 🙂

So… if I can publish some 75 poems per future collection, I will have amounted 12 poetry books, in total.

That’s quite an accomplishment, I suppose. The sadness and depression I’ve been dealing with for about 7 months, now, has made me not see this work I’ve done with full inward appreciation. I hope to get past that, so I can see the future with more brightness. 😀

Poem – “Oh, Memorable Woman” – Romance – 6/21/2020

Beneath the wilted roses,

I seem a fragrance too many.

Too often left upon my bones

To drink of something else sweet.

Your absence has buried my heart,

Left me full of the dark.

You loosened me, then dropped me

Like the infant upon his neck.

I felt the summer come too close,

For winter to take its place.

These petals have holes,

Like what decorates my heart,

Like what decorates my home

Left in the driving rain

Of tears that mourn a great emptiness,

Enlivened only by the memory of you.

Poetry Series – 3/10 Poems – “Rolling Fog” – The Meaning of Love – 2/18/2020

Come what will,
As you, to me, the most potent pill.
What will be, for my mind
Truly kind?
It will be you, within the greatest streams of blood
As rolling fog.
No longer will tears move their waves across my cheeks,
Resulting from the sadness of absence,
But, in everything from you, that delicately speaks.

I see redness in everything beautiful
About you.
My eyes can glance at the color of your dress
Running with the wind’s guidance.
Love can ever only be a softness,
A truly wonderful gladness

In this mist, called fog.
I will become, as you are
In the red fog.

Love becomes a rope
Tied about our feet.
In the denseness of this fog,
This red fog,
We love, among the red mist still pouring from my glance
To you, for everything entranced
About me.
Love has sleeves, rolled up on a trail
Weaved, against arms that embrace you.

Play me this song
Of what you truly long for
In the coldness.
May I speak to you, beneath the loneliness
Of your eyes?
May I adore you, in the inferno we create?
In the many tussles we make?
Beneath sheets and the lakes?
Love is that flame to find its purpose upon the ice.

Keep holding me, distant.
And cling to me, fragrant
In the heat,
In the deep.

Poetry Series – 4/10 Poems – “Cold and Faraway” – Failed Romance – 2/16/2020

Blanketed by romance
In the third degree
Burns upon my molten skin.
And I’ll kiss my own wounds, under the sun,
As the monster I have become.

She sung her praises aloud
To me, the blamed fiend.

When rivers stream their run of lava
To the bloody lakes below.
When beauty mocks perplexity
As my madness against her sadness,
I’ll forever receive the burning glow.

In the darkness around,
I see my reflection only in the shallows.

I see what I’ve done,
And it relates to me, in my mind, in my endless grind
Through life, with an endless design.
To see pain, with a ruined shine,
Of no sun, but the moon I can no longer find.

What pain blossoms, from a heart that cannot feel,
What desires settle, in places unable to heal.

Why is there blame
In realms there is only ever shame?

Guilt cannot
But exist,
In places where shame
Does not want to resist.

Poetry Series – 1/10 Poems – “A Thrown Line into the River” – A Failed Romance – 2/16/2020

Sunken beneath, the tides, as you were
My solace, the source to my well
Of tears.
I threw a line for your freedom, when I saw you were drowning.
I threw it, to save you from the uncertainty that kept you weeping.
For each drop in the tide, was yours.
Though, the well was mine.

I looked back to the well,
For I was looking back to my soul.
I saw deep within the glow of my heart,
And bled a new gaze for you to drink up.

Feverish, and upon the nightmare, we were crested.
Like two wings becoming one,
We were divine.
And, we bled humility for Humility’s pride,
While the world bled envy for Envy’s shame.
We were the ocean across, and the land within.

A kiss, would have gifted the world
To us, and the rising moon.
Though, while we miss the other, the clenched hand for its touch,
We will crash together, should we ever push.

Poem – “The Love never Had” – Romantic Poetry – 2/15/2020

Above ground,
You were grand, with eyes like the emerald waters
Of two distant ponds.
And, you had the clearest vision, as a woman of realism.
And me, a man of idealism
Drew fantasies in curves, and grew obsessive
Over our love’s successive
Nature to disasters.

I became the savior for you,
As you had winter for blankets,
And I removed them
For the summer to cloak your bare shoulders.

Love controls the monarch
Most responsible with his wealth.
My wealth was a heart,
But, it would not buy our way past fate.

I grew to despise you,
For something you never did.

Where is my love?
It is now a pain
I am unable to avoid,
With grief that weighs heavily on my fingers.