Poem – “With You in this Nightmare” – Romantic

My fragile darling,
How I wish to adopt your pain,
For it speaks many long sentences,
To my aching ears.
You have many years in sorrow.
And you are destined to be,
To be with me.
You have love pouring out,
Though, I recite this eulogy.

I found the universe to be lacking,
Among the stars and the shapes,
I found your face as singular,
Like a berry from brush,
Like an apple from a bough,
I tore away for my taste,
For my study,
And to be my muse.

The endless beauty of your years,
In all the pains that kept us near,
We comprehend,
Through screams and endless tears.
A mist and a puling,
The quietness of your weeping.
I still hear the pain that comes as notes,
Played as sharp melodies.

How is it that you remain beautiful?
How is it that I feel your pain,
In such love?
In the extent to this travesty?
I am in love
With the woman to who I cry aboard,
A titanic, a vessel that holds a limp form.
A crude ship that rots upon the waves.

With hands that tremble,
I feel the breast that glows upon your naked self.

With eyes that wander,
I see that Neptune would find my bottle as empty.

I feel the pain of your heart,
I see my own self as discontent.
We are not meant to be
This way in pain,
As two slaves taking sight of misery.
There is only death where there is sight.

Such pain that you exude,
Allows for my legs to stumble,
Over the rope and upon your skin,
That quivers beneath a silver moon.

I wish to raise you up,
To see the green and blue,
Not the lonely seas,
Nor the emptiness of a barren land.

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