Poem – “The Beauty of a Loving Face” – Romance

Wonderful beauty,
With a heart that sows the harvest,
Of a new morrow.

You have eyes that I wish to kiss,
And cheeks with tears I wish to lick.
Our love is a flame,
An inextinguishable flame,
For no hands, besides ours, can touch
Its hold upon us.

Your face shows radiance,
Alike the gold of a highest palace,
And a highest angel, feels the extravagant envy,
As she would, for she lacks.
I found you among the soil,
Scattered among ruins,
And now make of you the world and its purpose:

A love, that is no longer bound,
Now unbound to see the future.
Our eternity must occur,
Through my strength to make it spur.

Love holds many faces,
Many masks and many facades.
Except for your own,
The one I’ve chosen,
For our love to grow.

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