Poem – “The Symmetry of a Broken Face” – Romance

You have symmetry,
For the world, to see,
And Mankind,
Crawls, out of thee.
You are full, for sleep,
As death springs, free from me,
Enough for graces, to pule and plea.
Sympathy, was never, a part of me.

I do not, see respect,
As more worth, my destiny.
To fold my long arms, about thee,
Would mean, to love thee,
And shed a single drop, into the sea,
Beauty and imagery, make a fine fold.

There is sorrow, clinging to thy, weighted bosom,
And a leech hangs, over thy weighted brow.
It is because of all, that we’ve grown heavenly,
And carved bread, from Adam’s teeth.

Eve and Lilith, are there as twins,
Their faces are symmetry, unbroken in beauty.

I have found, among you,
The curves, that entwine the earth.

With the moon’s, many faces,
Yours, is the kindest revealing.

Symmetry, and a ripened breast,
Alike an apple, hung from a tree.

Here is me, to see the sea, and drop a tear, upon thy plea.

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