Essay – “Transgenders are the Equivalent to Mankind’s Verge on Arrogance into Immortality… as the Egyptians had Studied of Gods” – 7/1/2019

Animals are where Egyptians stared, into the ground, for that is what we notice of all their works. A slight downward stare into the sands that were so infertile. Nothing could be born from sand.

Creation is never met with satisfaction, until the Christian God shows the gift of love to represent to Mankind its need for rest. To change, is to plummet, and never soar where one feels at peace.

The beauty of seduction is in the pulling down of God, who sits upon His throne with a lonely stare. Change is the aspect of division. The more we change, the more we’re unsatisfied. The more we’re unsatisfied, the less unity ever has a way of revealing to us the value of rest.

Love is that rest, and rest is in the comfort of love.

Change is most related to hatred, because hatred is closest to discontent.

The Egyptians had worshiped the sun. Warmth was all they felt, and the sun shined so bright upon their darkened flesh, that it darkened it all the more. As dark, they were the ones who were fertile, not the sand.

To belong to “Trans-” is in belonging to change, and Egyptians studied animals, through a studious gaze, because animals walk upon four legs, especially when they bowed before their pharaohs. This is in contrast to gods who walk upon two legs. We study animals today, in the same respect. Mammals, that is, that are equivalent to humans, are those who walk on four legs. Exception for the kangaroo, and perhaps something else, that would enjoy matching up to a human’s ferocity of competition.

To belong to “Trans-” is in belonging to change, is in belonging to hatred, because hatred is close to discontent, and discontent is close to life, and life is close to change. It is an arrogance, to continually change, because in the effort of that plummet or decline, we eventually become Satanists, worship politicians, and soon believe that ashes, or sand is where we will grow crops. That is a gullibility, and a greater arrogance, to believe that a human will last forever, even when everything is torn apart.

Immortality is a human’s desire, not through love that would make a human always immortal, in acceptance of death of flesh; but immortal in the realm of hatred, in acceptance of the death of love.

Change and immortality were the studies of the Egyptians and the Greeks, studying Alchemy to turn sand into gold. The turn the plenty into the rare. To turn the least valued, into the most valued. That is, to turn the animal into the human, because to change into an animal is to reflect discontent and hatred, because hatred abides by instinct. Our minds control our hearts, a man governs a woman, not the heart controlling the mind, or a woman governing a man.

The sands reflect the infinite, though are representative of “infinite death”. Gold represents the flesh, and the changes we are meant to endure, though not enough to tear the flesh apart, so that it becomes sand, once again.

A vampire or a werewolf will tear flesh, will release blood, and we admire these creatures, today. As humans, we are meant to love and be kind, not promote change and more change, until we are sand, not golden flesh.

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