Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Pages of Life” – Philosophy on Life – 12/9/2019

December 9, 2019

“Coming death has its way of marking upon life, the reflection of it, as though the dying one stares always into a puddle. As though the remaining minutes are draining blood from the veins to make that puddle at the person’s feet, there is reflection from a reflection. Death creates history. Pages are never completely torn from books, for a keepsake in a storage, because many details are always lost to the time of a life. Secrets, not shared with life, when the person was well-enough to speak, are left to be scattered as ashes among the soil. As though the headstone raises itself from the brow of the dead individual. As though the headstone were the sight of the dead, only raised halfway to the height of them. Six feet below and three feet above… the dead are submerged, and their headstone may as well be a periscope.”


Words of Wisdom – “A Lack of a Gray Area” – Philosophy on Life – 12/4/2019

December 4, 2019

“The human brain is incapable of processing two thoughts during the same moment. Therefore, ‘focus’ comes into this, when we understand that there are always ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ focuses. There is never a ‘gray area’ for anything, when any individual cannot be ‘focused’ on two ‘focuses’ at the same time. ‘Primary’ and ‘secondary’ holds the same definition as ‘majority’ and ‘minority’. One should never believe in the idea that both a majority and a minority can be unified. It is impossible. Even though they cannot live without the other, one side will always have more power and control, than the other.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Very Difference Between a Human and a Tool” – Philosophy on Love – 12/2/2019

December 2, 2019

“Humans are not meant to be abandoned by humans. However, a human can always abandon the tool. Obsolete and worn through, then the tool is no longer ‘useful’. Alike a soldier as a pawn; alike a servant seen to be a slave; alike a pupil taken advantage for their name, and each of these ‘tools’ possess human traits, unable to be buried too far, without them rising up. We are humans, not as tools, not as necessary implements for science, and to douse all humanity with usefulness is never an achievement. It could not be achieved, because no matter how often the humanity becomes suppressed, it always turns from a pretend achievement to an achieved failure.”

Words of Wisdom – “An Experienced Reality” – 8/18/2019

August 18, 2019

“It is a moronic assumption to believe that reality can only be perceived, with eyes open, with hands extended, with nostrils breathing, with ears attentive, or with tongue outstretched. What of the perceptions gained from without any of these things? Everything felt, is in captivation, and in that captivation, we are frozen in a stillness that makes itself believable without movement. Science has merely given us room to move, outside the coffin, and outside the embrace. Development, for any society, has no use for love, has no use for death, though has use for the continued dissatisfaction within life. Death comforts the sufferer. Love comforts the sufferer. And love would bring someone closer to the stillness of death, than the repeated actions of movement within life. We will find from what has been said, that the realest of realities, are love and death. It is because, as people who are alive, we continue to fail to accept reality for what it is, as a thing of continuous denial, that seems to invade upon our ambitions that extend beyond realism, into the unrealistic.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Emotion” – 8/16/2019

August 16, 2019

“The emotion is alike the beast. Too wild to be free at the ultimate state, and too large to be truly caged. We, as humans, cage animals, for we cage emotions. We, as humans, believe ourselves to be beyond emotions. We, as humans, both cage ourselves, and the emotions we will enclose in our heart. The emotion is alike the beast. When free, it will roam, and we then have allowed it to escape us. We are without humanity through this action. The emotion should, in fact, be kept on a leash. With only enough freedom for movement, and enough control of the master to pull it backwards. The leash, however, is never unbreakable. For the emotion may be the beast with wings, or the beast with strong legs. Allow it to be truly free, and it will escape into total darkness. The master will search, being forced to search a void.”

Words of Wisdom – “Distinguish Love from Lust – Pt 3” – 7/28/2019

July 28, 2019

“Among the many monoliths, where they occupy territories that will be ‘beneficial’ for life, they are representative of the egotism to our species. The skyscraper is the truest representation of the large ego, the largest arrogance, and when the ruler of one stands at its top, they may see the rest of the world, save for the other skyscraper that’s but an inch taller. Competition is a place for humans to fight. Where once humans climbed mountains, and now, humans climb man-made mountains. The height of a human would relate to our obsession with pride, in contrast to the Simian that stooped low, in contrast to the arches of the cathedral.

Love and lust; with the former being to stoop low to see who one had ignored, and we are no longer Simians. As an evolved species, the latter would make us see the stars, as ‘realities’ over seeing God, who was never a physical reality to begin with. We stand tall, though are not God, who is said to walk without limbs. What is sin? It is water, the looseness of water, as Christ stands atop it, humans cannot stand atop it; though, we can stand atop the ground, while the water is the thing that destroys land, and fire that can only burn things found upon land.

The fish of the sea represent the ‘individual order’ which is to say that among humans who live as water, are those who live as looseness, are those who live as truest individuals. What else during the 1960’s had Americans promoted besides looseness among morals? They were, by themselves, playing into the Bible’s words. All creatures that live upon land, are able to see height, while the creatures that live in the water, may see depth.

And this is to say that ‘sin’ is indeed the birth of a human. The ‘waters of birth’ as they are called, to the ‘blood of Christ’ is, as the latter, a forgiveness for Mankind’s existence.

Upon 9/11, wind had fractured pride; during the 1960’s, water had fractured pride; and upon the day when nothing else matters, fire burns all earth, leaving the ‘South’ for nothing else to be heated.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Idiocy of a Degenerated Society” – 7/20/2019

July 20, 2019

“The immensity of cowardice that lurks as a ‘cloud of plague’ above a world where people will say, ‘I do not take advice from my enemies’, as such morons will proudly believe such ‘criticism’ to be a petty word called ‘negativity’. It is moronic and overused as a philosophy. In fact, it degenerates the individual to the drain and then, the sewers. It turns people into rotted waste. For the best people to take advice from, are your own enemies, for the betterment of your life. Turn to the wisdom of every War General, not including myself, and see what they said as well, when they uttered words similar to, ‘I commit myself to the dangers, and when they are over my shoulders, alike to a cloak of finest embroidery, I see that they have been stained with two drops of blood. One of my own and one belonging to my enemy. And I see, with two clear drops descending from each of my eyes, that they are the same color’. It is so, for criticism is there to comprehend the one human to the next human. Criticism betters life, as we forgive our enemies before we and they, die.”

Dialogue – “A Person’s Steering from Negativity as a Wrong” – 7/15/2019

July 15, 2019

Q: You have mentioned that ‘failure’ is indeed what a person these days has said to be a wrong in even mentioning; that people these days have forgone even the mentioning of the word, and that this is also a wrong. Will you elaborate?

A: “Failure” is a motive. To not mention the word makes a human more afraid of failure, and more in liking of success than ever in history. We are meant to be depressed through failure, because that depression makes us more likely to never commit to that action ever again. Especially if such an action has created harm to either ourselves or to others, we should name the action a failure, and never attempt it, again. We, as humans, wish to be away from failure, and never call a “failed attempt” a failure, and from this, we are more alike the dead, then with the living.

Q: How are we, as failing humans, more alike the dead, than the living?

A: As living humans, we are here to accept insults and belittlement, as much as possible. We grow strong through the insult, when it hurts. When we discourage the insult, we grow afraid of pain, and also failure. When a human has died, a dead human cannot be criticized. It is simply impossible. Or rather, it is possible, of course, but it is a waste of breath. To imagine the dying father, who has a son who had perhaps forty years to speak his own mind, now has waited until the bitter end to say everything, would be cowardly. And it is for this reason, when in comparison to fear, that such a failure would be a motivation for life, not a word to escape from, and avoid. Fear is an incredible motivator.

Q: And finally, you have mentioned that the living human is rather, the dead human, because they are more in comparison to dead, when they have escaped from criticism. Will you elaborate?

A: Indeed, as a dead human, though with a beating heart, such people have run away from failure, and have seen failure as a merciless word. They will say, “Do not see your actions as failures.” Though, such a mentality only breeds a mind that will ignore failure, itself. A mistake is only a synonym to the word “failure”, for both must have the consequences to brave with responsibility. The dead person has no responsibility. The live person does have infinite responsibility. The dead person is carried to their grave, with limp limbs. There is no more strength in them, now that they are dead. What is the live one, if they act the same? They are the weak and dependent person, objectively speaking, when in comparison to the dead. As a dead human, with a beating heart, they are praised for their successes, and never criticized. This is to say that the more a person clears themselves of criticism, the more they clear themselves of life and humanity.

Essay – “Transgenders are the Equivalent to Mankind’s Verge on Arrogance into Immortality… as the Egyptians had Studied of Gods” – 7/1/2019

July 1, 2019

Animals are where Egyptians stared, into the ground, for that is what we notice of all their works. A slight downward stare into the sands that were so infertile. Nothing could be born from sand.

Creation is never met with satisfaction, until the Christian God shows the gift of love to represent to Mankind its need for rest. To change, is to plummet, and never soar where one feels at peace.

The beauty of seduction is in the pulling down of God, who sits upon His throne with a lonely stare. Change is the aspect of division. The more we change, the more we’re unsatisfied. The more we’re unsatisfied, the less unity ever has a way of revealing to us the value of rest.

Love is that rest, and rest is in the comfort of love.

Change is most related to hatred, because hatred is closest to discontent.

The Egyptians had worshiped the sun. Warmth was all they felt, and the sun shined so bright upon their darkened flesh, that it darkened it all the more. As dark, they were the ones who were fertile, not the sand.

To belong to “Trans-” is in belonging to change, and Egyptians studied animals, through a studious gaze, because animals walk upon four legs, especially when they bowed before their pharaohs. This is in contrast to gods who walk upon two legs. We study animals today, in the same respect. Mammals, that is, that are equivalent to humans, are those who walk on four legs. Exception for the kangaroo, and perhaps something else, that would enjoy matching up to a human’s ferocity of competition.

To belong to “Trans-” is in belonging to change, is in belonging to hatred, because hatred is close to discontent, and discontent is close to life, and life is close to change. It is an arrogance, to continually change, because in the effort of that plummet or decline, we eventually become Satanists, worship politicians, and soon believe that ashes, or sand is where we will grow crops. That is a gullibility, and a greater arrogance, to believe that a human will last forever, even when everything is torn apart.

Immortality is a human’s desire, not through love that would make a human always immortal, in acceptance of death of flesh; but immortal in the realm of hatred, in acceptance of the death of love.

Change and immortality were the studies of the Egyptians and the Greeks, studying Alchemy to turn sand into gold. The turn the plenty into the rare. To turn the least valued, into the most valued. That is, to turn the animal into the human, because to change into an animal is to reflect discontent and hatred, because hatred abides by instinct. Our minds control our hearts, a man governs a woman, not the heart controlling the mind, or a woman governing a man.

The sands reflect the infinite, though are representative of “infinite death”. Gold represents the flesh, and the changes we are meant to endure, though not enough to tear the flesh apart, so that it becomes sand, once again.

A vampire or a werewolf will tear flesh, will release blood, and we admire these creatures, today. As humans, we are meant to love and be kind, not promote change and more change, until we are sand, not golden flesh.

Poem – “My Love, Allow me, to Lift thee, from Tragedy” – Romance

June 20, 2019

My love,
Allow me,
To lift thee,
From tragedy.

You found in yourself a place,
A shape, a heart,
You are a muse to me,
And I am amused by you.

A love I see so clear,
As the subtle stars,
Beneath widest lakes,
A face so very dark.

And so very light,
As you, the illuminated beauty.

So very low, I have bent my knee,
And offered a circle of gold.

I lift myself to kiss thy cheeks,
No tears, please, beautiful one.
We have cried enough,
And now is enough, more-so the love.

My body once ached,
And now I celebrate,
The eternity to our love,
And the holiest future.

I have found a work of art,
To place on a base, in my heart.
Love; oh, love!
I am nothing without it.