Poem – “Famous Trail of Perfume” – Romance

Between thy dancing arms,
Reigns the crudest form of symmetry,
Though, in its capturing,
I have made peace with an enemy.
I said ‘farewell’ to a mother in longing,
And threw my arms around a father in loathing.
I gave milk to children,
And sickness to daughters.

I waltz in arms with another,
Her face of violet eyes,
And rosy cheeks.
With a grace to a neck,
And a perfumed scent,
I am enticed!
She grips and she falls,
Through my universe.

She is still so listless,
As I dance with one phantom shell,
What a puppet I’ve formed to be life!
A making of a woman,
The sculpture of her form,
A failing of my sanity.

Make this moment matter,
In dastardly frailty.

We are the framed wild ones,
Among rotten corpses.
With ants eating at our eyes,
And children crawling with cries,
To our beaming faces,
Or rather, mine; whilst yours hangs as lifeless.

We fall upwards,
And drown in necrosis.

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