Philosophy – “The Primary Differences Between Men & Women” – 3/7/2021

“Whether for contentment or discontent’s sake, no greater amount of responsibility eases the supposed necessity to remain strong. People always break upon what they lack, never for what they shoulder.”

– Modern Romanticism

How is it a man reveals himself to shoulder all responsibilities? There is only one reason. A man is innately stupid. To want to tackle the world, to change what is discerned by him to be flawed, makes him unwilling to accept that certain things must be viewed through a lens of sameness. It is by no fault of the workforce to hire a man for being himself. Instead, it is by the fault of a man in being stupid enough to be this ambitious, that the workforce would employ this idiocy.

It is by a woman’s simple curiosity to a man’s stupid actions and mindsets, that she no longer shows restraint for indulging in it, herself. No person is “equal” on the matter of being an idiot, same as when no two people die ever at the same exact moment.

It cannot be believed that a woman is content with the increase of excessive responsibility. Though, it can be believed that a woman is better at concealing what could make her content, which would be a lifestyle of simplicity. As well, it can be correctly assumed of the workforce, itself, that it employs the idiocies of people, for advantage’s sake. The workforce, being a system of its own and being unchangeable, employs what changes of people, for only its own betterment of a collection of tools. This “collection” is known as “diversity” among the workforce, as so many would believe that this factor of “representation” expresses a workplace’s growth.

Advantage, from the mindset of an employer, will deceive another to believe that their sheer representation is for the benefit of the company. The only benefit that comes from this is by way of a collection of tools, in contrast from perhaps a garage that displays upon the wall a very limited amount.

Though, a man is as stupid as a woman is curious for his idiotic nature. And, rather than nurturing him when he is not a moron, she would rather indulge in the extravagant decadence of his stupidity. Instead of nurturing him, to create the balance between idiocy and intelligence, a woman of the modern times would rather belong to his nature of being a fool.

It is why a man is told to never weep, because he must stand upright, in the effort of remaining stupid by doing so. As it is, a man questions why he still even walks. This is, again, the foolish nature of himself, of being alive. The dead man is the soldier who fought for something. Whereas, the living woman to the dead man is perhaps still envious of his reasons to live, rather than for why he succumbs to his idiocy.

Novel Concept: “No Love Barred” – Romance – 8/28/2020

This tale depicts a mentally ill convict, who represents the anti-hero, who cannot help but to feel immediate regret for the disgrace he has placed upon his wife and daughter. For the certain mistake and crime he made, he has been placed in prison for 10 years.

At the beginning of “No Love Barred”, the anti-hero receives a final visit from his wife, who places both her wedding and engagement ring before him. She tells him that she has filed divorce papers. She abandons him. A strong scene ensues of the husband pounding at the glass wall before him with his fists, pleading for her to return.

Throughout the 10 years confined in a prison, the anti-hero continually wonders on the state of his family. He becomes refined through the guilt and the worriment, to build a better state of mind.

After the 10 years elapses, he exits from prison to search for his family.

The daughter, who plays a pivotal role in “No Love Barred”, acts as the main connection between the anti-hero and his wife. She was only 3-years-old when he was incarcerated, and 10 years later, she is 13.

The daughter’s connection is displayed in terms of physical and metaphysical properties. As in, her face likens to the mother’s own, while her wonderment over a missing father becomes paramount. Her curiosity makes her search, on her own, for information on him.

All information is hidden from the daughter, by the mother, and any attempt to ask her about him, is met with vagueness.

This novel shall have a focus on “slow emotional development” of the anti-hero and his family. A duality of perspectives is to be shown, here, with a similarity by the father’s searching, along with the daughter doing the same.

Philosophy – “The Prominence behind ‘Till Death do us Part'” – 7/30/2020

“No love has ever crossed the borders of time. It is love, however, to pledge life forever stood against its pain. For no two, truly in love, could ever part without then living half a life.”

– Modern Romanticism

Love is that emotion that from the one to the other, will see their life as eternal, never-changing in the eyes that will not show contempt.

We love, truly love, when we have discovered what was missing. To any cuisine, if the main ingredient was missing, it’d not be itself. To life, without love, it could not be itself, without that main ingredient. We are unable to survive, without comprehension of another’s world. We are unable to understand ourselves, without communication to another.

To say that marriage is merely the contract, is to forget that divorce is about the paperwork, the tedium, the sadness, not the freedom. For in love, a human should never take it in lightness. A human, in love, should comprehend the emotion as the freest one.

If we look at love as confinement, as imprisonment, then we may as well look at all human historical discoveries as no truth to ever set us free.

Death should be the only thing to restrict love. For we cannot bring back what is gone, forever. However, our loved ones meeting death, are only ever gone in the physical sense. For what makes love eternal, is how it lives on in the heart. In the most literal sense, this is the subconscious. We do not understand love, like we do not know God, like how we dream of things in sleep we cannot fathom in the waking world. For we are afloat, as though in Heaven upon a cloud, when we are dreaming. All dreams are shared, in love. Therefore, the subconscious to which memories are placed, makes all love not ever truly understood until we have lost it. As it is the same to all things clung upon, that we do not understand the value of it, until it is lost.

Divorce is the material gain. For to give up, naturally places the human on the line of gaining material substance. What of love is material, besides all we now are trusted with? If one love says to another, “Trust me with this,” it is only to state that the other should not think low of them. What of love, in contrast to divorce, is the material gain? If what we name to be freedom, is always material, then we cannot at all say that we are set free by truth.

Quote – “Why Men do not Weep” – Pt. 2 – 6/17/2020

“To comprehend a man, is knowing that his greatest threat, is always himself. His battles within, are the battles for the lie he believes is his strength. Though, his truth dwells forever in the woman of his love, for he can easily be broken before her. He becomes the infant cradled by the angel, beloved for an eternity away from his own misdemeanors.

His threat, being himself, is the lie of remaining strong. Yet, as easily as men will be egged on by a deceiving woman, to be stronger, to never be a coward, is as easily seductive as all else enticing. It drains him, when he merely wants rest, merely wants peace.

If the truth for a man dwell in a true woman’s heart, it is then that a man who is strong is strong for her, not for himself. In her protection, he is strong. For his stature, he is weak, and not with the same weakness as to be in love. When love for a woman will be for a man, becomes the time he lays his sword down and rips free his armor to reveal his chest. It is his thumping heart to the rising sun, to her glorious face.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “Why Men do not Weep” – 6/17/2020

“Men are never told by some unseen force, to never weep. It is in their personal motto, to never weep. For if they have heard the words, ‘Do not cry’ from another man, it has been easily recognized as right to listen to. Though, that is only because the man in turmoil has said such words to himself, at least a thousand times. Men are not conditioned by a society to never weep, as much as they always condition themselves to never weep. When a man can weep, he is fracturing his own armor, impaling himself on his own sword, for he fronted himself with the armor, showed his weapon to many enemies, simply to protect himself from fear. A man’s enemy is always himself.

To know that a man only protects himself out of an effort to be honest with himself, is in the comprehension that his greatest honesty is to know that he cannot do that. He breaks himself down, in the lie, for he knows his truth belongs with someone else. The source of his weakness, is not within himself, though is in the sight of someone else’s weakness.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “Why Beauty becomes Protected” – 6/15/2020

“We protect beauty as easily as we despise the sting of hurt feelings. We protect our inner selves, shielding ourselves with a mask of toughness. Though, for external protection, in the name of love, we protect because a lover has a need to be heroic. Love is what protects beauty. Love is all that protects beauty. As the mother will protect her child, or as the child will protect the small butterfly from the bully and his foot, love protects the gentlest, the frailest. We protect everything that is beautiful, because love does not want to see it wasted. If a woman is protected by a man, her lover, it is only because he loves her, finds her to be beautiful, and would be devastated were she to die. If a woman names herself to be beautiful, then she should know what beauty entails for all others who believe the same, of her. That, she will be protected, by others who do say the same.”

– Anonymous

Philosophy – “On Trust, through a Virus” – 6/14/2020

What is the very difference between trust for a person, who might have a disease, or to simply trust another person? Is there any difference within the word “trust” by these two scenarios?

To love another, to trust another, and when blending both “love” and “trust” together, the only thing that may divide a relationship is betrayal. Such betrayal, stemming from dissatisfaction, stemming from boredom, stemming from tedium, makes a person want more. Such relationship betrayal, even if the reason is different from a disease, still causes hurt. On the psychological level, trust has little to do with the question of whether a person has a disease, or not. It has to do with taking a risk.

One takes a risk, when they trust. One does not trust, out of fear of being hurt. Were one to have a disease, they’d be hurt. Were one to have their trust betrayed, they’d be hurt. What is the difference between being hurt from the disease, or being hurt because your offered trust was used for manipulation?

To build a society around a lack of trust for individuals, and more of a trust for institutions, will make this ongoing virus the saving grace for such powerhouses. For trust is the essence of taking a risk. If a world does not comprehend how to do that, then it will breathe fear as easily as it breathes air. Trust involves risk. Trust involves love, not fear. Therefore, through that love and trust, a person is not ever betrayed, unless they are met with what they fear. A person inevitably keeps that trust, through love.

Therefore, the connection between a one who trusts another who may have a disease, or trusting another for simple trust, is based on risk. Nothing more is present, to describe how a person may become hurt.

Quote – “About Love” – 5/25/2020

“What has love to hold in open arms, besides the everything we value as one? We value what is not separated into a two, nor a three, nor any other number. We value what is now a one, being the completion of ourselves to them, and them to ourselves. We embrace, melt like candles of their wax, to merge into a singular shape. We bleed all our misfortunes of a past life into them, as we expect them to taste our fear, transfigured into uniting love. For what we hold is not merely something beautiful, though is the beautiful one being lifted to a higher state than when they were alone. At least to burn as one candle, in the combination of two, can last longer of its flame, and be able to break the darkness with greater light.”

– Anonymous

Prose – “When Offering enough Sincerity” – Romance – 4/15/2020

The pallid man sat upon the lonely rocks, counting the stars in the sky to attempt to imagine them as the object he held. A tulip, with the fewest petals still intact. One of them, plucked from his backyard and held close to his face, to breathe the scent of it. He imagined his wife of the stem to her form, and its stigma her gentle face.

He held the poor thing close, steering his neck like a galley above the waves, to see a grave.

He still holds the poor thing close, even upon this day when he can imagine the moon, descending tears like pollen upon his nose.

When he is, he weeps a moon’s shape upon his cheek, so that it may reach his lap. It is where one petal has loosened itself from the tulip’s sepal, and bled a course through the air to his legs. Covered over, they are, by a towel, laid there to wipe this tulip down ever-so gently.

He raises the tulip by its stem, as though he were to raise his once-living wife by her waist, in a dance of merriment.

Lovely and lovely. Her breath, scented like the tulip’s petals, as though that towel, and the fragrance, could be like him raising his departed wife from a bath. What a kiss he lays upon the stigma. Each remaining petal, so alike her cheeks, and he kisses the individual ones.

It gleams, this tulip, in the gentle moon’s rays that come to sprout themselves downwards, and blanket both the tulips and this man’s face with an immaculate hue.

But, all too well, this man knows his heart, knows his pain for how eternal it seems, down in the deepest puddles where his tears have melted from his eyes. Like candles, they were lit, for the wax to come descending to form these small pockets of fluid, yet they are as lakes to him. And, like lakes, not oceans, candles are still held to see a view of a reflection in the surface. He can see beyond to the other end, where a sound is called out from his lips. It is where water has collected, where a gleam glows from his irises, and a falsified fire makes the world fall from him.

Though, he sits upon the shore of an ocean, a small cottage behind him, a grave for his deceased wife to the left of it. He sits there, making lakes at his feet, with a tulip in hand, the ocean before him to share in the making of new bodies of water.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Why Sex should be Saved for Marriage” – 3/19/2020

“Marriage is meant for sex, not sex is meant for marriage. Why does a man doubt his decision to propose? It might be for the reason that all his secrets, among the woman’s secrets, have already been shared, through they sex they’ve already been having.

Sex is revealing. Though, more-so than flesh, it is revealing through secrecy. We are not holding ourselves back, when we expose the flesh. It is the very difference between a rapist and a spouse, with the former having forced someone to reveal, like an interrogator or torturer. Truth, that is, is the very reveal of something kept hidden. For a special time, that is, because where do we go with these secrets, if they are always kept hidden? They poison us, if we cannot trust anyone with them.

Contemplation is the enemy to the stagnant rest, within love. To act loose with love, creates dissatisfaction, through wandering thoughts. One’s confinement, in marriage, is lost, and one’s satisfaction, in marriage, is lost.

It is because the enemy of love is dissatisfaction. Within love, we should only want to say the words, ‘I want nothing more than you’, and renounce all other ambitions.

In the most revealing sense, such secrets within the spouse will be willingly offered upon the other. With trust, there is strictness and open honesty that such a revealing will not be mishandled.

Sex should be saved for marriage, because the one thing we do not want loosened, are our secrets. We open the doors to a belittled life and continued insecurity when those secrets are never in the hands of those most trustworthy to be allowed them.

Bodies are not meant to be as open, as a mind should be.”

Philosophy – “Why does a Man Desire to Protect a Woman?” – 2/16/2020

In olden times, a man protected a woman out of knowledge that if a woman is protected, then all of humans are protected. In today’s time, we are merely arrogant and comfortable enough to believe that each person can live like aristocrats, and not have a shred of worry. Therefore, because of this false belief in ease, we do not dare to think on what might happen, should all of this “comfort” come tumbling down.

Should it ever come tumbling down, we are back to barbaric and survivalist ways. We are, as well, back to protecting a woman and a child, from dangers that would result, if women were to be diseased, in the end of all Mankind. “Mankind” is a term that describes “what Man creates”, being His own kind, being a woman and a child. However, we’ve become, in recent times, arrogant enough to state that this should be changed to “humankind”, further expressing our obsession with comfort and ease. We deny it ever possible that we could recede back to a survivalist time.

Even among the “comfort” and the “ease”, there is enough arrogance displayed to state that a man needn’t protect a woman, any longer. However, despite the fact that we’ve merely changed the “color” of the jungle around us, turning a vine-hanging tree into a skyscraper, such an instinct to protect a woman, by a man, does not leave. In today’s time, we “force” the diverse set of things, and we force the diversity out of the same arrogance that we can “choose”, rather than be confined to our biological selves.

We have had Science-Fiction tales in the 1950’s and 1960’s about “human augmentation”, and even an entire movement titled “Beyond Human”. However, such a change would only do one thing, and that is, it would bury all of humanity down, further and further, though would not kill it. Our humanity would merely show up to surprise us, and whether such a stupid dream does exist to make us beyond our mere fleshly selves, we must possess a human trait. No human can be a pure machine, and we will learn by that knowledge, that humanity cannot die, nor be erased.

This is to relate to a man’s instinct, by knowing that those ancient things cannot simply be forgotten, or omitted from the mind of a man, by simply “changing” how society functions. One can only add a different color, though in the realest of realities, what will surprise us the most is that nothing has truly changed.

“Mankind” refers to Man who made a woman and a child. Then, if such is the case, what would a woman make? It is then correct to know that a woman makes a man’s strength, his courage, and his purpose in being loyal. For if a man cannot dig deep enough to find what is truly to be treasured, everyone will only focus on the surface as our shallow selves. We find, around us, in today’s time, many upon many people, focusing on the “change” of others. What that results in, is the endlessness “self-focus”, and never the bravery of trust, that, even if the trust is blind, would result in the wisdom gained from making a mistake. We loathe mistakes, further cling to our desire to be beyond human, vainly push our ancient instincts back under the soil, and the only thing we accomplish is making ourselves weaker and weaker. When a man cannot “reach” into what he knows is best for the world around him, we have what we have, in today’s world. One cannot deny that what we have, is an intolerance towards trust, a belief that one can stand alone, and an Atheistic mindset that says that “faith” only results in division, as the last example is indeed a contradiction.

A man protects a woman, because she is the one who makes him who he is. That instinct will not be erased. It is most likely as ancient as the universe and the stars, and most likely as old as love, itself. It is most likely as old as the universe, being the void of everything lost, and the chosen star among the stars, being the treasure that the universe would notice.

A Quote – “Love is a Great Human Interest” – Romance – 2/6/2020

“Love is the stillness of captivation. Before the eyes of familiarity, we are enthralled. We open to them, with arms that only ever close, when they are shut around the beloved. But, what makes love eternal? It must be when their presence is non-existent. We remember the beloved, even when they should only be in the next room. We remember them, beyond death, to the next day.”