Words of Wisdom – “A Woman’s Simplicity” – 7/20/2019

“The woman’s body is the land, inevitable to grow the flower that smells of rotten flesh, or the flower that remind one of a fragrant meadow. Of all men and their belief that a woman should be decorated, it is a false belief. Of a woman’s mind, and to say that a man cannot comprehend a woman, is only in the state of the woman’s love life; for she had undergone the relationship ‘once upon a time’ when a kiss was first given to her; and upon the second relationship, she will remember her first kiss with her first man. For each man who says that a woman should be ‘treated as the queen’, he is to say that he’ll never love the peasant. A world with men who love a woman like the queen, will envision the queen adorned in rubies and emeralds; and this follows the mindset of never knowing the ‘reminder’; and the reminder of a first true love, is the reminder of what was true to her.

The simplicity of a woman is in that reminder. A beloved, who had once given a woman the false belief in love, and she will stray from love’s course to be distracted. What is love for a man to the woman, besides to take her by the legs, so that she does not leap from him to another distraction? She is fed in wanderlust, and temptation, that it is the man’s duty to say that she will stay, and never roam. Love is this, and a woman’s ‘reminder’ is her comfort of what matters. Appreciation and acceptance are her longings.

A woman will find that appreciation and acceptance among distractions that relate to the lack of loyalty. It is simple with the notion of, ‘As a man’s eyes divert, so will a woman’s face turn red. As a man’s eyes remain diverted, she will disappear without his knowledge’. His disloyalty is her disappearance.

Protection is possession. Possession is protection. Only the idiot man cannot comprehend a woman.

Such ‘idiot men’ are the men who will undertake the battlefield, and cultivate this land and territory with more blood; this, or they will attempt to spread diamonds upon the flesh that has itself, spread over this rotting land, as the battlefield. A drop of truth, a simple reminder, to what a woman desires, is her reminder of what had felt like truth, to strike her heart with the arrow, and make her drop to her knees. She is loved by the man who cleanses the entire battlefield with that reminder, that ‘drop of truth’, for it does not take a flood of what will create further disaster, to clean the entire form of her.”

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