Poem – “As You Fall Over Me” – Romance

Breathe one more time,
For the wretched thief,
Whom you’ve loved, and who steals away
The purity that you’ve locked away.

I fall in beckoning to your form and life,
In witnessing your eyes in bright light,
In breathing your scent of the widest sea,
Of who you are, the woman of my eternal dreams.

Am I to make to make love with emptiness?
You have such vivid details to explore:
So beautiful, are the marks made upon your neck,
Made by me, in our kisses of roaring pleasure;
I breathe into you, the much needed fulfillment,
To how your heart once was shattered.

I so love you, among all the fairest angels,
Death clings upon your tresses,
And love upon your lips.
Beautiful eyes of vivid gleam,
And arms that trail the longest paths,
Upwards to Heaven, and never to Hell.

I face you, in our reckoning,
Beaming with scarlet, from words cast from a reddened mouth.
I am plain in my simplest task, to undertake a love from a bold world,
Come find me, if you dare to undergo the same.

I will be in gardens of lust,
Making poetry of love.

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