Poem – “Accumulated Pain” – Romance – 8/30/2019

Take from me,
These shores of accumulated pain.
Drink from me,
The blood that spills like fragrant wine.
I have enveloped myself,
In its entire grace,
And have found myself depressed,
I have found myself miserable,
Dwelling in the deepest blue.
I am still so thirsty.

For a drink of love,
And not a drink of pain,
From the opened bottle, should smell of sweetness,
Not of the bitterness to blood,
I am to drink wine?
Am I to have what is mine?
I have loved, have I not?
My beauty. You will be my peace,
My surrendering from the tallest spire,
For that is because my heart would be doomed;

Without your touch, and without your love,
My heart is doomed.
Do you hear me?
My life is damned to Hell,
Without the touch from yourself.
I am sure to die,
Without your smile in my palms.
I am sure to perish,
Without possessing all I’ve yearned.
All I’ve yearned, a love that will make me whole.

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