The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “Opened Velvet Mouth” – Romance – 9/13/2019

The world once breathed,
An amorous note.
A void now breathes,
A place where branches spiral downwards,
To one velvet opened mouth.

Lay your feet across my palms,
And swear to me, in truth,
To face the world with that same openness.

You see, I once had nothing
For myself.
You are my truest accomplishment,
On my deserted little island,
Of no sun.

And now, with the greatest gleam,
From a shower,
From your sparkling eyes,
There is enough to wet these plains,
To grow verdure and life.

We are so much the clouds, without the storms,
The whispers in the dank darkness,
The lucidity of a dream gone unnoticed,
Of a man and his creation of delusion,
Of a politician and his denial of all that is.

Beauty makes us drunk.
Love has made us won.

I’ll not apologize when the curtain drops,
To cling to tears to stain my hands,
Or cling to blood to shroud my nails,
I have been defamed before you.

You are the woman of a dream,
Made to bloom, made to gleam.
I am a man of no purpose,
Until for you,
To cast a sigh in that direction,
Of your velvet opened mouth.

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