The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “The Attitude of a Woman” – Romance – 9/14/2019

Plentiful scares,
From thy keenly attitude,
Set me into eruption,
Because, in contrast to a face,
One that resembles a magnificent angel,
A bird, with one color for its entirety,
There is, to your person,
The attitude, one akin to a pirate?
One akin to a lumberjack?
I mark it in place, when I laugh.

It boils, and broils,
It falters the moon and sears the sun,
It shouts wicked remarks,
Unto those most deserving
Of their scares.
I find it most beautiful, upon you.

You will wave hands, and throw fingers,
With waves of dark hair,
Your mouth opens to utter the words of cuss,
From porcelain chin, and reddest lips.

Your anger is but a charm,
One that yet calms.
I am never near it, when it calls,
Due to its force, when it walls.
My own,
Is but a fraction,
To your fierceness,
It is all very engaging.

And a kiss,
Will collide us.

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