Poem – “Fond of Love, Used to Death” – Romance – 10/1/2019

Beckon to me, slowly,
And captivate me, with your childish breath,
Listen to my tale in trembling sorrow,
Slow melodies come as transparent.
You have beauty glistening as the morning calls,
Each deepening farewell,
To the saddest song around,
To the most miserable of notes,
Each played upon an eroded harp.

There is Heaven in your eyes,
And bliss in your soul.
There is strangeness that captivates every yearning,
As the strings from this harp seems to strangle
My potent breath
That brings bitterness to your mind.

Come kiss the night into day,
And make a song from your sigh.
There is twilight around,
And beauty beneath
The most fragrant of soil,
To cling upon your fingertips.

With arms like carved porcelain,
And lips like fine ruby,
I am deep in this eternity,
To see you raised from stillness,
And beckon to me, slowly,
With a face so full of rays.

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