A Man’s Personal Thought – “The Theme of Love between Men and Women, and its Old Difference” – 11/17/2019

What does a man deserve most, from his loving woman? It would not be sameness, being the same desiring from before love ever laid petals in his heart. That same desiring being respect, the advancement of his ego; he does not want this. It is forgiveness, that which a man desires most. In his heart of hearts, there is a great need for that forgiveness, which had never come his way, due to that he denied it to ever exist. As a man becomes ambitious, his mind travels away from the forgiveness. Its need will come before his proposal, and also during the marriage, with a burning urge to thrive from it. Forgiveness will be unto a man, unto his actions, making him aware that he only needs to be laid down, in a rest before his death.

What does a woman deserve most, from her loving man? It is always to be the acceptance, after all she’s ever rejected during her life. Rejection comes into a woman’s life, whether directed upon her, or when she directs it upon others. A woman realized her weakness during girlhood; and during womanhood, it is always a matter of the “who” to enter her life, to flourish her heart with the fantasies she’s dreamed of. A woman is strong, on her own, through continuous rejection, and a branded need to be independent. Yet, she only becomes independent, through her observation of it. Curiosity overwhelms her, in the utmost, upon when she casts those beautiful, large eyes upon something else large that stands over her, and she wishes to be alike it. She wishes to be within its place in “freedom”. Does she know whether or nor the giant is “free” in his crushing of insects, or feel enormously guilty for it? Acceptance comes upon a woman, to notice what she lacks, or to notice everything she’s lacked for herself in doing.

Within love, within forgiveness, for a man, there is a lowering of him, and it’s never forceful.

Within love, within acceptance, from a woman to a man, there is a heightening of her, and she has allowed it.

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