A Man’s Personal Thought – “For a Woman within the Political World” – 11/20/2019

I’d be compassionate and merciful enough, to hold back a woman from such a diseased realm, as the “political world”. It is never a “restriction from rights”, in my mind, as a woman can do all she wishes. Though, if something like a man’s compassion, or his way with mercy, or his way with empathy, is something deemed as impossible in a woman’s mind, it is sad to my own.

Everything of a man, to a woman who he’s meant to love, is everything in the way of her happiness. Her safety and her happiness, if he is a man, and not a castrated and cowardly male, would be more important than his own safety and happiness. Only a man, and never just a male, would be there to hold her back from this diseased and miserable world, called “politics”.

It is a place that men are attracted to, out of a brutal nature to rise. To rise above what? Why, to rise above their women. Men should be able to look down and see who is so much wondering on why he is not offering attention to her, being his woman, and thus, step down to offer it.

I offer compassion, and mercy, and never restriction, out of a personal belief in mine, that the “political world” is far too much of a dangerous place, for a woman. “Dangerous” in the ways of corruption. “Dangerous” in the ways of deception. “Dangerous” in the ways of misery.

Out of guilt, a man is attracted to this terrible place, of ever-more terrible topics, only to conceal a past action of his. A man holds guilt dear to him, and out of arrogance, and a lacking of a wife, he rises to that world to nullify the guilt, because he lacks the offering of forgiveness upon that guilt. Only a woman can offer the forgiveness that a man desires, for his guilt. His guilt, that causes him to rise to some station in the “political world” is where he only ever aims to conceal the guilt, through another “achievement”.

Such a mindset, where a man only achieves in this world, is only to stack layers atop a feeling of guilt. That is, where he feels guilt, he will add another layer, and soon, be critical of himself.

A woman may ask this, “Why is my man so critical?”

I will respond, “He is just as critical of himself, as he is of you. It is all he knows to do. He doesn’t know the forgiveness, because all his decisions have resulted in guilt upon more guilt. And now, he even questions whether his love for you has been the best choice in the world. Forgive him. All he wants, is that forgiveness.”

Brutality and stupidity is the way of a man. He is an idiot. Though, he’ll be smart enough to know his woman, or he’ll be smart enough to know that any woman in the world should not lower herself, so much to amuse herself in such a wretched profession. All she will feel is the guilt that a man feels, if she is so curious over it.

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