An Endless Moment – “The Instantaneous Moment of Freedom” – 11/17/2019

Society will dub freedom to be eternal, meant to be eternal, and yet the sun at its Zenith, remains that way to look upon the Earth, for but an instantaneous moment. Upon the time of 12:00 P.M., within every nation, in every time zone, there is when the sun has reached its peak of height, and remains there for not a full second, but beholds the definition of the “instantaneous”. Society is wrong to state that time will move forward, that humans will evolve, through freedom. In fact, we are stuck in it, unwilling to move forward, for we are asleep in that moment.

The sun may be brightest in that moment, though we are not ever awakened by it.

1 thought on “An Endless Moment – “The Instantaneous Moment of Freedom” – 11/17/2019”

  1. I say that the sun, at its Zenith, reveals itself to be the “definition of freedom”, because at that moment, in that instant, there is the most color ever displayed upon the Earth.

    Think of the movie, “The Lion King” in this scenario…

    The most life displayed upon the Earth, is shown when the sun is highest in the sky. Though, it only remains at its highest point, in the sky, when 11:59 A.M. turns into 12:00 P.M., and it is not the next second later, or even a fully elapsed second, that we see the most color upon Earth. It is only an instant where we see the most color.

    Do we name “color” to be freedom? Then, why ever promote this with waved banners in the evening? That would be the “color” of black. Same with the morning, for that “color” is white.

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