A Personal Thought – “The Mind, or Heart… of a Poet” – 11/17/2019

As I believe it to be, the essence of the poet, of all poets, is to understand. There is no bias, ever possible, from the poet. The poet finds it to be a crime to lie, a very immoral dilemma he or she’d commit upon themselves. Like a lash to the skin, it would be a self-deprecating harm, a blow upon both mind and heart.

To understand, is the way of the poet. He or she would not wander, merely for the exercise, though to see not only where they walk, though also where others walk. That is, the essence of the poet, in understanding, is to notice and comprehend all walks of life.

In the poet’s writing, there is their understanding to the world, and there is no harsh judgement, though only the kindest of all judgement, which is the judgement of understanding. It is indeed the case, that to understand someone else, is a judgement. To know, is to not remain isolated with one’s own pain, so that it festers and cultivates itself. When the poet understands, the poet memorizes, so that what will be said upon the page, is exactly what the poet feels.

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