Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “On Health and Education” – Political Philosophy – 11/8/2019

November 8, 2019

“The very association of the word ‘free’ with health, is ignoring the fact that ‘health’ will always come with a price, and that price need not be currency. In a Socialist case, ‘free’ and ‘health’ seems unlike an oxymoron, though in fact, it is, when we consider that to be ‘healthy’ would refer itself to life. Life, itself, is a thing of great consequences. How can health, which relates to life, to the preservation of life, at all be freed of consequence? Such would not make it ‘free’. And, on education, when does the wise man or woman not ever suffer for what they’ve seen? Such suffering upon the mind, could be a detriment to one’s health, and thus, we have ‘free education’ being a negative counter to the notion of ‘free education’. To be ‘educated’ would have to mean, in any other definition, to learn the books, and only this, and never to apply one’s individualism to the task of learning a subject.

‘Health’ and ‘education’ are matters of price, for to lose one’s mind in the latter, is most certainly alike losing a kidney for the former.

Is this an argument with semantics? No; it is merely a statement that should remind those of the things consisting themselves within life. That, life holds the breath of consequence, and the mind suffers for it.

We are not healthy when we lose, nor are we educated when we gain.

We lose a kidney, and there is now a price to that. We gain wisdom, and there is now a price to that.”


Novel – “Signs of a Man in Love” – Chapter II – WIP – 8/30/2019

August 30, 2019

“I had loved a woman,” says this man named Joshua, his feet carrying his body towards a certain uncertainty. He had indeed loved, bared himself wonderfully to a child of his own worship. He had been God upon a time, and gave birth to his pride; the flesh of his own flesh, that is, and made himself smile. Has one ever envisioned God to ever smile?

God is not a thing of power, were ever power to be attained as is, because power has no creation of itself without a viewing of a creation’s suffering; and as the Atheist would adore their emotion of denial, for whatever compiled list of emotions creates denial, sees God as the one to ignore suffering. A compelling sight of ignorance is drawn into the Atheist’s own mind, to say that God ignores suffering. A child, much alike to Joshua’s once-beloved he beheld for himself, is never a child for long. Much alike how Joshua abandoned his beloved, God abandons Mankind for their independence. The pitiful anger an Atheist throws to the sky finds itself nowhere fast, only swimming in the deepest darkness of a limitless universe; and that anger is only a depiction of a proof, that to be angered at God for his supposed refusal to cleanse suffering, proves the angered one to be eternally the child. Therefore, in comprehension of this, God becomes only ever-so powerful, in sight of suffering, in hopes of its thwarting of God’s own throne, in expectation of perhaps a certain someone to die and then ascend.

Joshua had abandoned a woman to her independence, and many movements have encouraged this, for a woman to abandon love, and abandon unity with a man; though, has God ever held the hands of a wife?

What has God built to destroy besides everything he sees with eyes that so many will believe to disbelieve does not exist, as such eyes are seemingly never opened? The sun, and what of the sun, besides warmth, and the warmth we find to open our own eyes after a night’s period of sleep?

Oh, love; such an emotion that awakens; as such occurs for a woman when she is kissed. Beautiful beauty. Beautiful recognition. Flesh rises when it is kissed, and denial only ever surfaces when depression strikes a man down to kiss the soil.

A man is in love with death, not in the act of stooping to kiss, though in the act of loss; to be a pauper is when a man would weep. And Joshua has lost, though of his own accord. A society of Democracy is now London’s breath upon the cold skin of this melancholy town. It is a society of eternal choice, of the uncertainty that comes from never an answer to show itself.

Beauty rapidly falls apart when it is not sustained by the support of love.

A man is in love with a woman when he desires to root her. In place, her desire for exploration is cast aside, and every dance she yearns for becomes wrapped in silence; a dance in silence, that is, and her place becomes the roots for a man’s belonging for her. A man is not in love with a woman when he desires to see her set free. In place of that rooting, she is married with Satan, or deception, and she makes her mark never in sight of God, but of countless opportunity.

For a woman is more-so the opportunist than ever a man was; and a modern realm for a world, especially for Joshua’s hometown of London that has embraced Democracy, has only sought to utilize the essence of the opportunist, so that work is rapid.

A thirst, a burning, a quenching; for the fires of love cannot be quenched, though the first of lust burn out on their own. What has a woman, for any world, in any society, desire for herself? Is it eternity in the arms of a truthful someone, or is it the many placed beams of support, that raises tall a fragile skyscraper, to indicate revolution and endless change?

How long will Joshua continue to travel?

To walk, upon the toes that were once there to see their cleansing in the running waters of a bathtub. And now, to merely stumble over the airy nature of his own depression; and such depression that is a past thrown forward.

He raises his head, during this moment, to espy the walkway before him. A marvelous sight of complete loneliness seems to be now his future.

For what has a man to do with freedom? It is a nothingness to him.

A man becomes the slave, while a woman becomes the asset, for a world that speaks of politicians as saviors.

Politicians have been the leaders of corruption, and nothing more. Love is the only weapon to cleanse; and from this factual sliver of evidence to what has been toyed with, strangled and buried, where are the books with the opening pages to remind all of it?

With what Joshua, as well, espies before him, is a river. In the metaphorical sense, it is another way to depict that road of loneliness, previously mentioned. Though, it is also a way to describe a place of uncertainty.

Of a man and his uncertainty: it is the sight of a globe rotating on the spine of disorder.

Love a man, and he will find himself to make a decision; and to take that decision will reflect upon him as himself never dwelling in eternity to make a decision; and this means, that should a man ever take a moment to decide, he will be forever in love. Though, should he ever take an eternity to decide, then he will be forever in Hell.

Offer freedom through love, to the man, and nothing more. Offer freedom to a woman, and she roams, and nothing more; or a woman will find herself crawling in filth, and still believe herself to hold power.

“I am death,” says a woman, whose power enables her to be that opportunist, repeatedly mentioned, now. “I am love,” says a woman, whose power enables her to cleanse the blood from the responsible man.

Joshua quits his walking, finally.

He has found something that strikes his interest to heart.

Critique – “Of Democracy and the Freedom to Choose” – Pt. 1 – “The Negligence of Patience” – 8/23/2019

August 23, 2019

The freedom to choose comes at a cost.

And to answer what is that cost, there will be the mention of the two opposite dimensions of black and white. There is nothing related to negative or positive when looking upon black and white, if only to comprehend both as merely opposite meanings or definitions to a universal whole.

As each singular path splits into two narrowed choices or two separate paths, they soon become dominated by a one, joining together, through a seed that constricts that path so that a life returns to its origin.

That is to say that a human being has only one path to follow, and to simply stare at the many choices for one’s life, is that; it is to stare at them, and never decide. In today’s “contemporary” world, here we see a manifold of humans from the world over, staring at these paths and continually dwelling in question. They have aborted Traditionalism, because they believed Traditionalism to be restricting them from freedom.

One should also comprehend that the only available freedom lies in the willingness to be enslaved, to be in denial for one’s confusion, and to never receive an answer; for it is because one has fused the word called “wisdom” with the word called “cruelty”. And afterwards, one cannot tell the difference between the two words.

In today’s “contemporary” world, we are now a species that sees ourselves comfortable with reason. For how this is today’s way to live, is only a quicker death, kept in the comfort of solitude, dwelling in that question, over ever receiving an answer. Today’s way of thinking falls around this question, “What can I make of myself?” in contrast to what we said in Traditionalist ways, with, “This is who I am, and there’s nothing I may do for it.”

For the former mindset, that is paramount to today’s “contemporary” world, science has brought about a worldwide culture of flooding the Earth with question, and also offering humanity the comfort in questioning everything. All this does is create a world that has more questions than answers. Would it be so difficult to see that the more we question, the less we know? Would it, as well, be so difficult to see that to comprehend the definition of wisdom, and that is, the more we know, the more we are willing to lose everything we have learned? We will find bliss in that loss.

The more control, and the more a corporation places everything in a cloud of “convenience” are the times we’ve spent wondering if we will be better off without the convenience. And why is this? It is because by losing all in an instant, it becomes a relief. Humanity is tormented not by knowledge, though by the wisdom that again, would make a human blissful were they to suddenly become ignorant.

And for the purpose to our desire to question: there is a current underlying motive for a human, to remain as a child, to call oneself innocent; for the more we promote denial, being Nihilistic morons that we’ve come to be, since the early 20th century, we will remain as children, in this eternal desire to question.

Transgenders will mention themselves as not confused, and yet, alteration of truth is their motive. The definition of confusion is in the alteration of truth. It is in the question, and not the answer. To draw away from truth, makes oneself cling less to God, and more to themselves. A human cannot create truth; a human can only change it.

Through arrogance, change makes the human a monster, and their denial embedded in endless question, makes the human never aware of their hideousness.

Words of Wisdom – “The Failure of Sympathy” – 8/20/2019

August 20, 2019

“Love directs itself not to sympathy, though to empathy, as empathy deals itself in the heart. Sympathy deals itself upon the body. Sympathy has a method of believing a wound to be as any other wound. A government cannot comprehend a population’s individual wounds, and will take to simplification of all manner of artistry. That is, the needs, the cravings, of the creator, always come in contact with Individualism. Sympathy is the act of believing one need to be as any other need. To look upon an industry of music, and hearing one song as identical to the other; this is the work of sympathy. To look upon a world of culinary arts, and taste one cuisine as identical to the other, though merely focusing on the brand; this is the work of sympathy. Empathy will target, and will target specifics and details; it will be precise, and will occupy itself in one’s pain, in one’s specific desires, by not believing one to be the same as another.”

A Debunk – “To Why Black & White Creates Sense” – 8/20/2019

August 20, 2019

“To the center, is what the business will say to every consumer. And to believe in yourself, to make a choice, is what the business will say to every consumer. And to understand yourself, for those choices, is what the business will say to every consumer. A moronic society of ‘choice’ has come about, in the ‘positive attitude’ of approval. That is, a head will nod in the direction of the product most desired. A head will then, as well, turn away from the product least desired. At the center, where people are comforted, at their core, in their understanding, is there each person is most vulnerable. Do we experience equality in this? We do, for we end up massacred in every situation where we fight over the last scrap. When two looters rob a store, there will be the expected chance of the two looters exchanging glances, and immediately comprehending their thoughts. And we end up exploited, in this, for a choice is as loose as to choose to end one’s life. A ‘choice’ is merely a notion of belief towards freedom, and yet, it creates only the vulnerability expected of anyone never believing in correct decisions. It merely places each individual at that center, where understanding is made in the realm of comfort. In the realm of comfort, we never take risks, because no soldier is truly heroic, being scared for his own life, and that gray area is where most understanding exists, though for the self. Selfish choices, in the manner of never realizing that without black and white, there is only a world where people are consumed, and consumers only starve themselves.”

A Debunk – “Into Democracy and Choice” – 8/20/2019

August 20, 2019

“Does the common fool not comprehend what the ‘freedom to choose’ does to corrupt a society? That is to say that people are more prone to choosing the most comfortable of choices. That is to say that each of these choices are based solely on trust, for those things most comfortable. That is to say that the ‘freedom to choose’ is the sole cause for why ideas, in recent times, have become stagnant, that leadership is only trusted for comfort, and never for newness. That is to finally say that advantage is easily exploited, for Democracy to ever have power. The ‘freedom to choose’ makes the human without wisdom, not typically having true wisdom to comprehend choices related to intellectualism, over choices related to idiocy. This is because the human brain is more-so inclined to make a choice based on comfort, over risk, and there is no other reason.”

Words of Wisdom – “Racism is an Inextinguishable Flame” – 6/3/2019

June 3, 2019

“Racism is connected to Xenophobia, while Xenophobia is connected to the ‘fight or flight’ response. The ‘fight or flight’ response is connected to the nervous system and the heart. There is no human on this planet who doesn’t have a heart, neither in the literal, nor the figurative sense. Everyone possesses a vulnerability, or a weakness, and that belongs to the emotion of fear. Though, could a politician ever make his career a possibility, without ever promising an impossibility?”