A Realization – “A Debate Between Confusion and Correction” – Dialogue – 11/21/2019

Confusion: A correction is what you name to be a rising. Then, what else would you do, besides to raise?

Correction: Would it be better to fall?

Confusion: It would be better to be modest.

Correction: And only modest for a short time, before the one who raises remembers their place.

Confusion: And what do you, yourself, wish to do?

Correction: As someone who corrects, I actually do not exist to raise. I do exist, however, to remind. I remind others both of what they do, and what they’ve forgotten has always been an action, for them. I am not a corrector, but a correction; and, a correction that spreads among people so that they are corrected, both of what they’ve become, and also, and of what they’ve lived among, that is a place that has not changed.

Confusion: You believe nothing has changed?

Correction: I believe that when one seeks to change, one seeks to reverse. Upon the desire to reverse, one sees what is moving, steals that movement, turns at an exact angle of one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, and moves into the opposite direction. They’d not move at forty-five degrees, nor at ninety. And they’d certainly not move at two-hundred-and-seventy degrees, because that would be a waste of time, and the turner would be better-suited to turn the other direction at, again, ninety degrees. And… when one seeks to correct, one seeks to build. However, I am neutral, and I merely wish to stand still, rather than run with the movement. I merely wish to remind people, from both ends, that what they’ve always been doing, is merely an unending process.

Confusion: Has anything changed?

Correction: Everything has changed, as everything continues to change, mutate, morph, multiply, and diversify. It should even be assumed that a virus, an undead thing, has the ability to be dissatisfied, when it changes into a new strain of itself. However, nothing either has improved. We are humans with “interpretation”, and in such “interpretation” or “opinions”, we tear each other apart. How does conflict begin? It begins through an opinion. Where one has an opinion, another will have their own. In such a case as the 21st century in many nations of the world, a promotion of “opinions” creates a promotion of conflict. Though, a promotion of improvement, creates the urge to rebel.

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