Poem – “Keep Your Eyes Closed For Me” – Romance – 11/22/2019

Keep your eyes closed,
And focused upon
How we dance upon,
Loose petals upon these lashes,

Lashes black and heavy,
Hanging with the loose and weighty tears.

And among all the demonic curves,
To your handsome form,
There is beauty radiating everywhere.
There is the Autumn, with its guiding chill,
Pulling us towards
The lonely valley with its fading breath.
There is great wind from two distant lips.

When I was in love
With your features.
When futures fell into sunrise,
And pasts fell into sunsets,
I was there to hold,
And to lift,
The moon from your pale arms,
And drown the sun in your heart.

Love comes now as but a memory,
Inside this frozen chamber,
Inside this Hell I’ve always known,
Outside the mercy I’ve never known,
And creates puddles as shimmering tears.

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