Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Idiocy in Desiring Immortality – Pt. 3” – Philosophy on Life – 9/20/2019

September 20, 2019

“Without the fear of death, there is no fear, itself. That is, to fear, means to desire an end. An end to pain, would place fear and pain in a vicious cycle, to which fear makes us desire all amount of positive emotions, to cleanse the pain. Those emotions would resonate upon love. Love cleanses fear, and is in polar opposite to death. Therefore, without a fear of death, there would be no emotions. Once again, this is due to how fear generates the need for every other emotion, because fear remains as the most primitive and ancient emotion, to exist. After fear, and after when age matures a child enough so that they no longer fear the environment; that is, after adaption and strength takes hold of youth, there are the other emotions, connecting with human connection. To desire immortality, makes a human desire not life, but numbness. For that is due to when fear will create pain, fear and pain also reminds a human that they are alive, and not dead.”


Words of Wisdom – “The Mirrored Concept” – Philosophy on Religion – 9/18/2019

September 18, 2019

In this concept, in this perception, there is separation, and it is the separation that deals with the reflection, the recognition, and the highlight of satisfaction.

Glass is but a stark template without reflection. Was glass not made from sand, melted from excessive heat? Was Christ not upon the waters from which he could see his own reflection? Are waters not a representation of fertility? A recognition of beauty is what is comprehended from the mirror, the waters, and it is a recognition of God.

Science implores the human to discover. And yet, they believe in the sole aspect of sincerest reality. Science believes not in the experience, because the experience cannot be held, cannot be heard, cannot be tasted, cannot be sniffed, and cannot be seen; it can only be felt, and such is where science lacks the need to encourage a human to explore emotion, because emotions have utterly no use for them. A need for progress stems upon logic, and logic is merely a one-way road, in contrast to emotion, that relates to the heart, traversing an infinite amount of paths, too innumerable to count. They represent confusion, these emotions, and the mind is always utilized to stifle them, to subdue them, because it was the mind that had generated a thought. A thought generates an emotion.

Between reality and ourselves, is the experience, the emotion, the innumerable paths to traverse before we come upon realization. That experience, that emotion, would represent God, and God would be, in this case, the creator of life, the creator of the innumerable amount of paths to choose. We pray to a God, because prayer would not be fulfilling were life never to present confusion.

That is, between that mirror, the glass, and ourselves, there is life, the emotion, and the confusion. Science would encourage ourselves to take God’s throne, to push past the wholeness of the experience to merely focus on the end result. The end result is the reality, the realization, or simply, the real. All of religion would tell us to hold our hands upon life, and not be so eager to drive forward, without being wise.

Too see ourselves, is not to see our reflection, but to see what stands between us, and whatever it is that has created that reflection. And honesty only comes through being able to discern what blankets the eyes in either satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

To question, makes the darting view of our vision into the ability to see into ourselves, making logic that one-way road to ourselves.

And what generates the denial of God? It has to only be the denial of that middling path, the path of life, and the desire to merely see the end result. It has to only be the denial of all experience, all emotions, all belief and all faith. We ignore the life, and begin to cherish the end result.

Though, it won’t be love that is seen at that end result. It will be death, because the vision was quickened far too much to enjoy the work that it takes, not to die, but to live. No one creates a living to die, though people do create a living to live.

Words of Wisdom – “The Errors upon Love” – Philosophy – 9/16/2019

September 16, 2019

“Each death is caused by ignorance, so therefore, no death is ever natural. We never know upon the day that our life will be extinguished. So, just like life, love should be preserved. It is the ignorance in saying, ‘We did not expect it,’ because we expect either life or love to live, forever. Though, I’d guess that with love, it is more impulse, than being practical. The question we should be asking ourselves is, ‘Which remains ephemeral, even without existence? Is it life, or is it love?’ I’d guess it to be love. It is because love is not an ‘existence’, for the same reason that Atheists will say, ‘God does not exist.’ Life is the existence, whereas love is the experience for life. I’d also guess that Mother Nature had a impulsive choice to make love, and create humans. That she is not based around realism, even in her creation of things. I associate beauty with life, and love with comfort. I associate death with poverty and loss. The loss of love? The loss of life? Why take a step down from Heaven to be upon Earth, and merely trust a human without comprehending where trust originates? And why take an additional step from Earth to be in Hell, to merely be a pauper who kisses the Earth? The ‘Heaven on Earth’ as some describe, or the ‘Hell on Earth’ as some describe, must be both.”

Words of Wisdom – “An Artist Mimicking Life” – Philosophy on Art – 9/16/2019

September 16, 2019

“The beholder of the artist’s creation, has seen also God’s creations, so revealed by what the artist is, when he is dead; and we say the same for God, to say that God has never existed. It should be the most obvious thing, when the artist has died, swiped his final stroke, and finally has found fame when his body has become ashes. He no longer exists, and so, his works are praised. In the same sense, when God is no longer in existence, is no longer believed, humans see humans, humans find science to be useful; and, the most that comes from this, is to find that we enslave one another, while believing we are free. From the artist’s chains? From God’s chains? It is only because a life has no use, when dead. Though, why is it that we say we are free, that we are independent, when we are away from a mother, from a father? Is it the same?”

Words of Wisdom – “The Fruit of Knowledge and Ignorance” – Philosophy – 9/14/2019

September 14, 2019

“For what ignorance stands for, it is poverty. It is the loss, the unknown, and the fear; and it relates to the reptilian brain, where the brain stem controls the rate of the heart and the ‘fight or flight’ response. The Biblical tale of Adam & Eve reveals the three levels of the brain, in terms of Womanhood. As a darker truth, Womanhood, or Woman’s womb, is a stark emptiness, before she ‘bites the fruit’ so that she is appeased by the middling level, or the higher level: the mammalian brain, or primate brain, where there are two truths, of materialism. A heart of gold provides love, while a handful of gold provides life. The middle brain is above poverty, and is the place of life. For Woman to bite the apple, and see life, makes her available in immediacy within the sciences, as she has embraced deception, by this manner. Two truths, of both love and life, would turn Woman upon ‘resistance’ or ‘preservation of life’, and such turns Woman above poverty. Because, of the harlot, the ‘woman of nothing’, is a sorry sight for what is translated: to see an impoverished woman without life, in her, to bloom when love is atop her. Woman, or a woman, will gather deception in arms, when stepping away from poverty to be among the sciences; Woman, or a woman, will step into God’s realm, and float past the sciences, so that she is past life, past deception and cruelty, and is raised by the highest truth. It is the truth of love that would make poverty become comforted.”

Novel – “Signs of a Man in Love” – Chapter II – WIP – 8/30/2019

August 30, 2019

“I had loved a woman,” says this man named Joshua, his feet carrying his body towards a certain uncertainty. He had indeed loved, bared himself wonderfully to a child of his own worship. He had been God upon a time, and gave birth to his pride; the flesh of his own flesh, that is, and made himself smile. Has one ever envisioned God to ever smile?

God is not a thing of power, were ever power to be attained as is, because power has no creation of itself without a viewing of a creation’s suffering; and as the Atheist would adore their emotion of denial, for whatever compiled list of emotions creates denial, sees God as the one to ignore suffering. A compelling sight of ignorance is drawn into the Atheist’s own mind, to say that God ignores suffering. A child, much alike to Joshua’s once-beloved he beheld for himself, is never a child for long. Much alike how Joshua abandoned his beloved, God abandons Mankind for their independence. The pitiful anger an Atheist throws to the sky finds itself nowhere fast, only swimming in the deepest darkness of a limitless universe; and that anger is only a depiction of a proof, that to be angered at God for his supposed refusal to cleanse suffering, proves the angered one to be eternally the child. Therefore, in comprehension of this, God becomes only ever-so powerful, in sight of suffering, in hopes of its thwarting of God’s own throne, in expectation of perhaps a certain someone to die and then ascend.

Joshua had abandoned a woman to her independence, and many movements have encouraged this, for a woman to abandon love, and abandon unity with a man; though, has God ever held the hands of a wife?

What has God built to destroy besides everything he sees with eyes that so many will believe to disbelieve does not exist, as such eyes are seemingly never opened? The sun, and what of the sun, besides warmth, and the warmth we find to open our own eyes after a night’s period of sleep?

Oh, love; such an emotion that awakens; as such occurs for a woman when she is kissed. Beautiful beauty. Beautiful recognition. Flesh rises when it is kissed, and denial only ever surfaces when depression strikes a man down to kiss the soil.

A man is in love with death, not in the act of stooping to kiss, though in the act of loss; to be a pauper is when a man would weep. And Joshua has lost, though of his own accord. A society of Democracy is now London’s breath upon the cold skin of this melancholy town. It is a society of eternal choice, of the uncertainty that comes from never an answer to show itself.

Beauty rapidly falls apart when it is not sustained by the support of love.

A man is in love with a woman when he desires to root her. In place, her desire for exploration is cast aside, and every dance she yearns for becomes wrapped in silence; a dance in silence, that is, and her place becomes the roots for a man’s belonging for her. A man is not in love with a woman when he desires to see her set free. In place of that rooting, she is married with Satan, or deception, and she makes her mark never in sight of God, but of countless opportunity.

For a woman is more-so the opportunist than ever a man was; and a modern realm for a world, especially for Joshua’s hometown of London that has embraced Democracy, has only sought to utilize the essence of the opportunist, so that work is rapid.

A thirst, a burning, a quenching; for the fires of love cannot be quenched, though the first of lust burn out on their own. What has a woman, for any world, in any society, desire for herself? Is it eternity in the arms of a truthful someone, or is it the many placed beams of support, that raises tall a fragile skyscraper, to indicate revolution and endless change?

How long will Joshua continue to travel?

To walk, upon the toes that were once there to see their cleansing in the running waters of a bathtub. And now, to merely stumble over the airy nature of his own depression; and such depression that is a past thrown forward.

He raises his head, during this moment, to espy the walkway before him. A marvelous sight of complete loneliness seems to be now his future.

For what has a man to do with freedom? It is a nothingness to him.

A man becomes the slave, while a woman becomes the asset, for a world that speaks of politicians as saviors.

Politicians have been the leaders of corruption, and nothing more. Love is the only weapon to cleanse; and from this factual sliver of evidence to what has been toyed with, strangled and buried, where are the books with the opening pages to remind all of it?

With what Joshua, as well, espies before him, is a river. In the metaphorical sense, it is another way to depict that road of loneliness, previously mentioned. Though, it is also a way to describe a place of uncertainty.

Of a man and his uncertainty: it is the sight of a globe rotating on the spine of disorder.

Love a man, and he will find himself to make a decision; and to take that decision will reflect upon him as himself never dwelling in eternity to make a decision; and this means, that should a man ever take a moment to decide, he will be forever in love. Though, should he ever take an eternity to decide, then he will be forever in Hell.

Offer freedom through love, to the man, and nothing more. Offer freedom to a woman, and she roams, and nothing more; or a woman will find herself crawling in filth, and still believe herself to hold power.

“I am death,” says a woman, whose power enables her to be that opportunist, repeatedly mentioned, now. “I am love,” says a woman, whose power enables her to cleanse the blood from the responsible man.

Joshua quits his walking, finally.

He has found something that strikes his interest to heart.

Words of Wisdom – “The Reality of God” – 8/17/2019

August 17, 2019

“How does a world embrace so easily the love towards the self, disguise it as well, as love, while denying what it actually is, as hatred? Hatred confines, cages the person inside themselves, while love will flood a planet. How does a world not know God, other than attempting to seek greater truth than him? It is inevitable that a vulnerable human would do this. Truth is flesh, while love is the shield for the flesh. Death is beneath the flesh, as a skeleton. When science discovers, it discovers bones. To dig for truth, turns truth upside down, and a scientist finds no meaning in the limitlessness of love, nor of the universe that relates to love; for he finds more truth in everything limited of the human. That is, he finds more use in something not unlimited, but may be studied as the fleshy form that may be touched; or perhaps even wielded as another shield for the selfish human to guard only themselves, and create victims in others. Is this not familiar?”

Words of Wisdom – “The Differences between Men and Women” – 7/16/2019

July 16, 2019

“In what a woman denies, it is the aspect of devotion. She still yearns for it. In what a man denies, it is his strength, the willpower he must possess to return to her. When we relate a ‘Second Coming’ of Christ to these differences, we behold denial and yearning. A woman’s lover, was Christ, in a sense, who took her virginity. As a savior, a man must return, be the man to create that ‘Second Coming’ in the sexual context of what the two words symbolize, after returning to her. Christ, in all his saving grace, will not return, until yearning overwhelms denial. In the same sense, love will not return to a world, until the yearning for love overwhelms the denial of love’s importance.

Does a man leave, or has the instinct to leave, should the lock of marriage not be upon both Man and Woman? It should be assumed so, for the ‘guessing’ behind a man, will cause him to be the Christ who drops the cross, never carries the ‘burden of Original Sin’, and will not return until the woman’s yearning overwhelms her denial; and, as well, the man’s ‘faith in his strength’, akin to Christ’s ‘faith in humanity’, overwhelms his ‘doubt for his strength’ or his ‘denial for his strength’. For how could Christ carry the cross, the burden, were it not for his Mother? And, at the same time, how could a man ever carry his life forward, if it were not for the silvery glass of a woman’s eyes, that he’d see both her soul and his own reflection?”

Words of Wisdom – “The Proof of God… Pt. 2” – “The Second Coming” – 6/27/2019

June 27, 2019

“God is always divided between the denial and the yearning. This places God in either realm, named as either the ‘lost’ or the ‘found’. Christ had been met with betrayal, and soon questioned His own faith for his father. A society of people, in the same direction, question their faith in others. A woman, when taken of her virginity, will yearn for the ‘second coming’ from the man who then abandons her. God and Christ. A man and a woman. A father and a sufferer. A savior upon a savior. This is the way of love. Christ awaited His return to Heaven. From the ascent, to the descent. The ‘second coming’ has placed Mary in the spot to yearn for such a return of a love; a love that had taken her virginity; a love that had made her vulnerable. And between such a ‘yearning’ to then notice those who ‘deny God’, it is seen from them, that they, or a woman, denies that such a love ever existed. ‘Mankind’ is the representation of both Man and Woman. As sufferers, we cling to knees. Man clings to Woman’s knees. Woman clings to God’s knees. Savior and safety. Man and Woman. Mankind.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Absence of Truth… reveals the Skeleton, showing Death” – 6/25/2019

June 25, 2019

“Truth is the covering upon death. A skeleton is the exposure beneath flesh, and in the search for truth, in the search for identity, there will be a skeleton soon to be shown. There will be death. There will be a skeleton, revealed. Why is this? It is because, in the turning away from love, there is soon the flesh to be seen; and then, in the search for truth, beyond God’s touch of love, there is the belief that suffering will become the new form of equality. The victims of a society will be there for the creation of equality. It is because when God made equality through love, truth was met with modesty. Then, when God was discarded and made ‘obsolete’, truth was searched after, until made distorted and unrecognized. Beauty was seen as business, because business makes use of chaos. Soon, such ‘victims’ of society will be there, and expose their flesh enough to see beneath. They and their alterations, through cash and plastic, through money and oil that are the treasures of wealth from the earth, a skeleton will be revealed.”