Poem – “The Door to Beauty” – Romantic Poetry – 1/23/2020

Pain is there,
Beyond the door.
I see blood rushing in
To my feet,
And I know, very well so,
That her defeat is near.

Like two seasons faded from their togetherness,
I was the winter you did abhor,
While you were the summer, where love climbed ashore,
To see the rocks as mere pebbles,
And the moss that covered them,
Only the comfort of what crushed us.

Your face,
Shows sadness, from beyond this door.
For beauty written backwards, is weakness.

My love,
For you, is a cruelty
When you’ll whisper screams into your hands.

When shall love break
Upon when those waves, those tides of crimson,
Come to sicken our hearts
In a fit of longing?

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