Poem – “The Eroded Ocean” – Romantic Poetry – 1/23/2020

Come for me,
If you dare,
And step with your formless feet
Across depths, made of flesh,
Perfect for your footfalls.

Come and tear at me,
With your eyes upon my hands,
That rent apart this ocean made of rottenness,
With anger in my eyes,
You’ll fall inward.

And I’ll fail,
And fall before you,
Little angel of my demise,
I will submit,
To beauty that keeps me alive.

Ashes are there for you,
To sift through,
With your palms facing Hell,
And my eyes are upon Heaven,
Because, I have knelt, as I always will.

Why does a man submit?
He knows,
And forever knows,
His strength is always a weakness.

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