A Quote – “When we Love” – Romance – 2/7/2020

“When we love, we realize there is more to the world than simply ourselves. For if all we knew to repair was ourselves, we may as well live alone on some deserted island, never seeing any other reflection besides our own. In the glassy waters of the ocean, we will peer into them on that island, and see no other reflection besides our own. What essence of ‘familiarity’ is that? As an effort for humanity’s sake, we see ourselves in others. As a greater effort, we see from others that there are greater reflections than merely our own. Are we to say that we can only know ourselves, or that it is a wrong to be like another? We are like another, whether we like the idea or not, because pain, to be soothed by love, always matches with another’s desire to have that pain soothed by the warm love.”

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