An Observation/Excerpt from Former Post – “The Definition of Corruption” – Psychology – 2/6/2020

What is “corruption”, as a definition? Corruption is appetite, and “appetite” is the most fundamental of human desires. Hunger, is always a trait for the self. Practical ways will not cure it, but more-so make people give into selfishness. Corruption comes around when we realize our own nightmares and fears are stemming from a continuous distrust in those who actually may feel our pain. They rise, these nightmares, like Hell made a reality. A pauper feels another pauper’s pain, like death comprehends death. But, what of a former pauper to feel a current pauper’s pain? That is empathy. That is identical to life seeing death, and understanding it. Forming a relationship through empathy creates closeness and trust. However, forming a relationship through sympathy will always operate more on distrust than trust. For the “sharing of bread” is most certainly the same as the “sharing of pain”, and we have empathy in that.

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