Dialogue – “A Flaw within the Workforce” – Philosophy – 2/7/2020

Q: You believe that personal experience is superior to a written credential, such a University degree, or by simply being well-read within the subject?

A: I believe it to be true that one’s own credibility is meager, without personal experience within the subject chosen. Why should a person ever be allowed the title of “marriage counselor” if they have never been married? Thus, such a so-called “marriage counselor” will only be reciting what they have read from a manual. From whatever they’ve read, that will be the only advice given, and the couple in a struggling marriage may as well simply buy the books the so-called “marriage counselor” has read, rather than waste endless appointments on nothing.

Q: Then, what of other subjects?

A: Other subjects, even when we consider into line the Psychiatrist who has never personally experienced mental illness, should have no right to be a Psychiatrist. Even if they’ve dealt with their own friends having mental illnesses, and have been spared of such demented states themselves, they cannot possibly empathize with their patients. Therefore, such a so-called “Psychiatrist” may as well be a vending machine that distributes medication to anyone requiring it. As well, what place does a University professor have to teach students about successful entrepreneur practices, if the professor has never owned a “successful business” themselves? Such students may as well merely buy off the books that the so-called “University professor” is just repeating, word-for-word.

Q: How can you conclude?

A: In former days, it was known that the pupil would surpass the master. This is impossible, now that the master is no longer looking forward to such a feat, and University education has become a waste of time, because of this. How can a pupil surpass someone who has never done what the pupil plans to actually do? They have nothing for challenge, in terms of who has taught them, and now that such a thing has been erased, they are merely aligning with the rest, with no individualism.

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