A Quote – “When Love Proves to be the most Useless Emotion” – Philosophy – 2/7/2020

“What use does the slave-master have for the slave who they’d not call a slave, but a human, because they love them? When we, as humans, are cruel tyrants, we will call humans ‘tools’, and we will not love them. Moreover, we will not believe ‘love’ to be useful, when the slave, should they be loved, has no use through that love. We love people when they are not looked upon as objects. Because, the tool that is not loved, but merely used, will become the broken tool, because love was not around to protect that tool. Continued use, makes the tool broken. Continued protection, makes the human sheltered under a wing, where the only thing to see is the beaming face of the loving one. A tyrant, however, has a face that is blanketed by nothing more than shadows that we cannot penetrate.”

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