Dialogue – “How Standards have Fallen in the Art World” – Philosophy – 2/9/2020

Q: How is it true that the way standards have “fallen” is by our today’s focus on “fear to motivate”, rather than “creativity to inspire”?

A: Standards are everything to be raised. However, when a world focuses on logic, not comprehending that when it comes to logic, love holds logic in domination, fear is soon to be the thing held. And, for fear’s sake, it will for the sake of motivation. Within motivation, work. Within inspiration, individualism. When we are motivated, we are fearful. When we express individualism, we are showing love to others, and inspiring them. What the art world lacks, is that inspiration. For in the face of incompetence in shown leadership, art does lead. And when standards fall, it is inevitably to be a focus on fear, such as how the human psychological system works. To today’s time, as something that can be immediately recognized, the issue of “stress” has become a prominent topic. Survival resonates with the feeling of fear, that “the next day” has become, as well, as prominent focus, for everyone to face. When we view logic to be unlike love, we do not focus on love. In fact, it is the scientific way to focus on everything unlike love, and everything like the details of a person. Such a focus on details is what creates a focus on division.

Q: Then, by what you say, it is to mean that “creativity” has little to do with fear, and everything to do with love?

A: When we love, we have created a satisfaction out of our lives. When we are in fear, we continually move, and we continually fight. That is dissatisfaction. The latter is how the art world is being expressed, especially through abstraction, by Nature’s display of madness. In chaotic and uncontrolled movement, that is fear. Why should the art world not be a place for escapism? Why should the art world, as well, not be a place to inspire, rather than adding more fear? An expression of fear, is a reminder of fear. And, everything about the past, to even the previous second in time, has to do with fear. For that is what the heart-beat represents, as an organ that only ever beats faster, when we feel time is being rushed. Creativity is meant to take time, on the basis of knowing that when we uplift, it is an infinite process. Though, when we decline, it is a finite process. Everything to do with fear is all about the descent from grace, to a Hell that we all know. That is what art is doing. It is expressing what we all know. Creativity is not something that we know of the artist, and the literal and objective genius is someone we find to be alien. The creator, that is, is someone who creates either an angel or a demon. Which do we find to be more alien, the angel or the demon, as this is the question. That would be the angel, of course, because “goodness” is always buried beneath the soil, and we always step on it, treating goodness as a nothingness and with denial. In a personal descent, we will say that “God” is not present, because it seems that all of love is leaving us. What is it that “God” sees with His burning gaze? I’d say that He sees what is even beneath Hell.



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