Book Idea – “The Origin of Identity” – As a Contrast to Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’/In Relation to Biblical ‘Genesis’/In Touch with ‘Pain’ being a Person’s True Origin


Those problems in which people face, are met with two roads to travel with such burdens to weigh upon their shoulders:

  1. The road of personal acceptance.
  2. The road of the problem exterminated.

We are humans with wounds for show. But, what does “personal acceptance” do for a person, other than for the mention of words that say, “You cannot comprehend what I feel.” For it seems that the world is more-so inclined to lean upon failure, as achievement. They will lean upon pain, and say for that it is an achievement. They will lean upon their identity or origin, and say this is to be accepted. We usually express pride with achievement. But, as is common knowledge, “pride” has turned upon identity.

What does it say about a world, where people’s identity or origin, makes them proud? What does it say about a world that recalls the struggles, and begins to re-open old wounds, where a nation only became a nation, out of conquering and bloodshed? Such people will say that their pain is their strength, rather than to say that they are no longer in pain, have fought through their battles, have finished their wars, to face the future. To recall our identity or our origin, is like recalling a mother’s labor pains. It is like recalling that, and believing such pain to mean strength.

Are they truly past the pain, saying they are proud for that? Or, are they still in pain, and thus, they are believing that their identity is their achievement, and not the pain that has been fought to be erased?

It should be known that true strength, is not within the fear, but past the fear. For we will express nothing more than intolerance of others, should our pain be named as the source of our strength.

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