Poem – “The Olden Love” – Romantic Poetry – 2/9/2020

Threads wrapped around
In barest silver,
To her complexion of fullest white.

Spread across her cheeks,
As white as the snow,

As kindness will be to her, everything she knows.

To love forever, as we had promised.
For I love a beauty
Wrapped in a love, as old as time.

Graceful, in the art of movement,
Around a home, called our comfort zone.
She displays to me, for all this time,
Ever in a time of mutual decline.

Grateful, as I am, for the kisses shared,
And for the beauty bared, in times sparked by youth,
Beneath sheets for desirous moments.
I did sweat, in the wilderness explored,
Among her core.

Threads, colored like porcelain,
Dressed around her heart of amber,
Like the sweetest sap ever to exit a tree’s own flesh.

All has been there for me to kiss.

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