Philosophy – “Why does a Man Desire to Protect a Woman?” – 2/16/2020

In olden times, a man protected a woman out of knowledge that if a woman is protected, then all of humans are protected. In today’s time, we are merely arrogant and comfortable enough to believe that each person can live like aristocrats, and not have a shred of worry. Therefore, because of this false belief in ease, we do not dare to think on what might happen, should all of this “comfort” come tumbling down.

Should it ever come tumbling down, we are back to barbaric and survivalist ways. We are, as well, back to protecting a woman and a child, from dangers that would result, if women were to be diseased, in the end of all Mankind. “Mankind” is a term that describes “what Man creates”, being His own kind, being a woman and a child. However, we’ve become, in recent times, arrogant enough to state that this should be changed to “humankind”, further expressing our obsession with comfort and ease. We deny it ever possible that we could recede back to a survivalist time.

Even among the “comfort” and the “ease”, there is enough arrogance displayed to state that a man needn’t protect a woman, any longer. However, despite the fact that we’ve merely changed the “color” of the jungle around us, turning a vine-hanging tree into a skyscraper, such an instinct to protect a woman, by a man, does not leave. In today’s time, we “force” the diverse set of things, and we force the diversity out of the same arrogance that we can “choose”, rather than be confined to our biological selves.

We have had Science-Fiction tales in the 1950’s and 1960’s about “human augmentation”, and even an entire movement titled “Beyond Human”. However, such a change would only do one thing, and that is, it would bury all of humanity down, further and further, though would not kill it. Our humanity would merely show up to surprise us, and whether such a stupid dream does exist to make us beyond our mere fleshly selves, we must possess a human trait. No human can be a pure machine, and we will learn by that knowledge, that humanity cannot die, nor be erased.

This is to relate to a man’s instinct, by knowing that those ancient things cannot simply be forgotten, or omitted from the mind of a man, by simply “changing” how society functions. One can only add a different color, though in the realest of realities, what will surprise us the most is that nothing has truly changed.

“Mankind” refers to Man who made a woman and a child. Then, if such is the case, what would a woman make? It is then correct to know that a woman makes a man’s strength, his courage, and his purpose in being loyal. For if a man cannot dig deep enough to find what is truly to be treasured, everyone will only focus on the surface as our shallow selves. We find, around us, in today’s time, many upon many people, focusing on the “change” of others. What that results in, is the endlessness “self-focus”, and never the bravery of trust, that, even if the trust is blind, would result in the wisdom gained from making a mistake. We loathe mistakes, further cling to our desire to be beyond human, vainly push our ancient instincts back under the soil, and the only thing we accomplish is making ourselves weaker and weaker. When a man cannot “reach” into what he knows is best for the world around him, we have what we have, in today’s world. One cannot deny that what we have, is an intolerance towards trust, a belief that one can stand alone, and an Atheistic mindset that says that “faith” only results in division, as the last example is indeed a contradiction.

A man protects a woman, because she is the one who makes him who he is. That instinct will not be erased. It is most likely as ancient as the universe and the stars, and most likely as old as love, itself. It is most likely as old as the universe, being the void of everything lost, and the chosen star among the stars, being the treasure that the universe would notice.

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