Philosophy – “The Necessity of Structure within Art” – 2/17/2020

The necessity of structure within art, comes with the many details one can pour within the piece, and still keep it standing. Without structure, what one has to worth with, becomes minimalist and small.

It is like a building. Without much structure, what will be worked with, will eventually fall apart.

Post-Modernism does not work with structure, and completely negates the need for structure and detail, to show what can actually hold.

Without structure, we have the opposite from it, being deconstruction. Thus, we have the Deconstructionists of a bygone age, full of people who resisted Tradition to a radical extreme. By this, it is meant to be known, still, that without structure, one’s society reaches its limits.

Structure has an element to it, and it is necessary to be repeated, that a “structure” only ever appears impressive, when the details are numerous enough so that the structure can still stand.

Eliminate structure, and anything you’ve built that is not based on structure, will tumble.

It is why you have micro-poetry and other works that express a minimalist side to the artist. Such writing and other art possesses no structure, and because such works are very small, it is only due to that one has very little to work with, to even begin the piece. It is all because the art lacks structure. Should one begin to add more detail, then one’s piece becomes more impressive, through the structure, because it still stands.

What will be even more fated to occur, is that one will eventually work with dust, to make art, having formed the deconstruction to everything.

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