Poetry Series – 6/10 Poems – “Break Me Away” – Failed Romance – 2/17/2020

Break me away
From you, on this horrid day
In the fragrant meadows, where the stench of death
Permeates, as wild as wild decay.
I swear, I had loved with a finger pointed to me
To stay where you suffered.

Love was holy on this ground,
And so I tell you to break me away.
Because, I have become something I shouldn’t be
Upon this night,
Where not even Christ would unfurl his wings,
To see me in plight.
Far too much misery has soaked my sight.

I tell you to break me away.
Because, it is all I know, to be selfless
And to consume the horror, I have engulfed you with.
By my claws, pawing at my own flesh,
By my eyes, that refuse to see myself
In the light,
For I have lost my sight.

I tell you
That I have lost my sight,
Before I lost my hearing.
I lost my way
Before I lost how to hear you,
Upon any day in the gray.
Your suffering has become a silence.

What is the way
That you dance and sway?
Where is the way
You have pointed for me to stay?
I was in love with loose decay,
Upon the cross of feelings lost.

Bleed, as I do, for the cruelty in the dew,
Of each tear that falls as elegantly as you do.

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