My Experience with Bipolar 1 Disorder – How it Affects my Writing

In May of 2018, I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 at a hospital, during a time I was weening off an anti-psychotic medication. I suppose that during the process of weening off that dreadful drug, I developed Bipolar 1.

It affects my writing by keeping it in two directions: an “aggressive” side, and a “sensitive” side. It is funny that I am in my “manic high” mode to write the aggressive work, that relates to philosophy. I am in my “manic low” mode so that I may write my sensitive work, that relates to my romantic writing.

I feel inspired and “lifted” in that specific state, when writing my philosophical and theoretical stuff, that is written purely based on observation. During that point, my mind is in a “hyperactive” state, moving at a 100 miles a second.

I feel downtrodden and slow, to write my romantic poetry and prose, and heavily suicidal, often reminiscing on past memories of a certain love I once had. I gain the inspiration then to listen to Barry White, or listen to the band that got me going with my writing, called My Dying Bride. Romantic and somber, and I write according to the slowness that seems to be objectively tied to love.

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