Poetry Series – 4/10 Poems – “The Entrance of Love” – The Meaning of Love – 2/18/2020

The absence of a door
To the entrance of my heart
Meant for
Two rooms to be the spaces
To exit both ways
Or to enter both ways.

She came in through, one before the other,
First to enter,
And then, to kiss.
She came in through the absence of a door.
It was just a mere entrance to my presence,
For her to see a heart that glows to her.

First to enter, and then to exit.
Though, her scent clung upon myself
In the emptiness of a single bed,
Meant to be for two.
Like two rooms, and only one entrance,
Like two lips, red in the outline and contours.

Red in the dress she folds when she lifts it for me
To see, beneath the shades of that lawful hue.
What a love, so vivid in its sight upon cheeks,
Upon the palms
When crossing her lips
After a singular kiss.

We were meant
For the other.
But, the kiss I still hold, and the scent I still breathe
Has me yearning
For her return
Through an entrance, where will be now a door.

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